Two Big Deals For Young Huskies On Eve Of Draft

Huskies complete two pre-expansion deals, acquiring Tuukka Rask, Christian Hanson and Manny Malhotra.
by Dave Smith | September 11, 2010, 5:20 PM ET
The Whitehorse Huskies have a new colt in the net , to help out oldtimer Marty Turco.The big deal that closed today was between two Western Canadian teams.To the Mustangs Mark Giordano plus Wade Dubielewicz plus 5th rd 2010 , coming back to the Huskies Tuukka Rask , a young 22 year old goaltender. "We would have never traded Mark Giordano a young stud dman , but Rask has the potential to become the much sought after franchise goalie." said coach Brent Sutter. "Wade Dubielewicz was needed by the Mustangs to prevent a one million dollar penalty in the up coming expansion draft. The 5th rounder , well some times you have to give up a pick , even though giving up picks goes against the grain for the Huskies. This could make one of either Cory Crawford , Marty Turco or Jason Labarbera , up for grabs in the expansion draft."explained G.M. Donny Morrison "We are not going to tip our hand yet , as we have some interest in some of our goalies. We are in a good position after years of bottom feeding , our rebuild should bring some results. We have a number of strong dmen , now goalie , we will be looking to add some forwards in this years draft. We will be looking for guys who can put some pucks in the net. Nazem Kadri , Drayson Bowman and Brandon Sutter may be the answer , but they will need some seasoning". Donny Morrison said from Penticton B.C." "We have one more deal that just came in on the blackberry , it involves Jason Labarbera going to the Fire Ants. Coming back to the Huskies is veteran Manny Malholtra and youngster Christan Hanson. Both players can play center or wing , both are known for playing tough checking hockey. Malholtra is one of the best faceoff men in the league and could free up Jordan Staal to play more of a scoring role. Hanson is big at 6'3 , 228 lbs , has speed and some wild blood lines , is it slap shot time in the Yukon.This is the first deal in twelve years between the fire Ants Norm Donovan and Huskies Donny Morrison. I hear them dealing back and fourth all the time , but nothing but huge phone bills have come of it , until this deal.This now leaves Corry Crawford or Marty Turco to be exposed for the up and coming expansion draft." said Daryl Sutter as he read the details from his blackberry phone. "We will have some up and coming press releases in the next few days. We are very excited in the way our young guys are rounding into form. Sorry that's it for now , you guys will just have to wait." teased coach Brent Sutter from the Lakeshore hotel and casino press conference. The three men then left for more work on the phones , this is a busy time for all the S.I.C.H.L. staffs around the league.


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