Crazy Owner, Small Market Woes

Reporter Susan Norman sat down with Owner and G.M. of the Whitehorse Huskies Donny Morrison. After she manages to repute his advances , she was able to do this interview and team outlook.
by Susan Norman | December 11, 2008, 3:51 PM ET
The Whitehorse Huskies are in turmoil. The disapointing preseason has been topped with trade demands by the Huskies two best players. Martin St.Louis and Tim Thomas have both asked for trades. The main reason for the discontent with team owner and G.M. Donny Morrison , is his failure to sign any big name players in the free agent draft. The only new bodies coming to the Huskies this year from the free agent draft are Rory Fitzpatrick and Ted Purcell. Fitzpatrick signed for the leagues lowest salary at $450,000 for a four year deal. He was unimpressive last year , with eleven points and minus three in eighty games for the Stockholm Cougars. Ted Purcell has good size and was signed for big money because of his future up side. At six foot three , two hundred pounds with a scorers touch , plus fast skating he will be good in a couple of years. Because of the one way contract signed by the Huskies , Purcell will have to suit up with the big club now , meaning no time in the farm to adjust to pro hockey. Two other aditions coming to the Huskies were picked up in the waiver draft. Eric Godard at 6'4 , 235 will add size and toughness. Godard is from Vernon B.C. and is happy to join the Huskies , but is he the answer to the Huskies scoring woes? He did have a great year with the Moskva Reds last year , with fifteen points and plus fifteen in fiftysix games. Also picked up off the waiver draft was Curtis Sandford , a goalie taken from the Stockholm Cougars , but who played for the Acadia Golden Bears last year. Lifetime in two seasons with the Bears ,Curtis put up good numbers , with a 9.14 save percentage and 2.29 goals against average. The need for a extra goalie was maid because of poor showings by all the Huskies goalies in the preseason and Tim Thomas asking for a trade. " I think we have a playoff team here and should finish in the top four of our division." said G.M. owner Donny Morrison. "We tried to sign almost all the top free agents and in every case offered way more cash , but trying to bring these free agents to a small northern town , with all the extra travel turned out to be a no go." complained Morrison. "We have a very tough team , with great young players and a lot of speed , I think we are going to surprise alot of teams." "I do not think you can judge our team by the preseason and the new guys we picked up from the waiver draft will add alot to our lineup." "Tim Thomas and Martin St.Louis will continue to play and the fact that they are wanting a trade will not affect thier play. Coach Sutter may decide to use some other players who want to stay here if there preformance falls off. In that case I have allready told them they will only hurt thier chances of moving. Jordan Staal will be named new Huskies captain in place of Martin St.Louis. He will be the youngest captain in S.I.C.H.L. history." rambled on owner Morrison. When asked that there had been calls in the media to have him step down and that he had been called the Al Davis of the S.I.C.H.L. , G.M. Morrison responded by saying "He thought the group of players the Huskies had put on the ice will be entertaining and that they have a good chance to go all the way when the going gets tough in the playoffs. Jeff Schultz , Randy Jones , Alex Burrows and new captain Jordan Staal. are going to have great years and give the Huskies fans a very talented group of young star players to cheer for. I'm not worried one bit about this group of players , the games are not won on paper and any team that thinks they are going to come to Whitehorse for an easy two points will feel the pain. All this talking is making me thirsty lets go for a drink Sue?" This reporter thinks the Huskies owner has been watching a differant team. The Huskies are young and inexperianced , are losing there two stars , have way to many goons and not enough talent , worst of all have a G.M. who has no clue. The team is maybe better than the pathetic Nova Scotia Scooners , but that is it. No way , no how are they going win many games , make the playoffs or win a cup , give me a break. If Thomas and St.Louis , who are leaving because they can see this train wreck coming go , then it could get ugly. Worst of all the Huskies throw an 19 year old kid in Jordan Staal to the wolves by naming him captain? Oh well at least the Huskies fans will get there share of goon bully hockey ,as I think there will never be a team that has ever be stacked with so many head hunters and fighters , if it was U.F.C. then I would agree with Mr Morrison , but please this supposed to be a hockey team sir.


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