Cougars Get Big

The Cougars' have won on the road, but at a price.
by Tom Baker | December 7, 2006, 7:43 PM ET
The Cougars' have won on the road, but at a price. During the first roadie against the Oslo Vikings, Vikings goon Brad Stuart took a run at Cougars' franchise goalie Manny Fernandez. Stuart was immediately tossed from the game and as Manny Fernandez lay motionless on the ice, trainers feared a serious neck injury. Thankfully for Stockholm fans, Manny will only be out of the Cougars line-up for one to two weeks. Later in the same game another Viking goon, Darius Kasparaitis, took a run at Cougar back-up goalie Martin Prusek injuring the Cougars back-up goalie. That injury was not serious and justice prevailed as the Cougars won the game 3-1. In retaliation, coach Jacques Demers has threatened to ice a line of Scott Parker, Brian McGattan and Darcy Hordichuk in the upcoming rematch with the Vikings, and anything goes when that line hits the ice. Rumoured incentives to injure may include Swedish women from the west side of town if this line can take out a Vikings goalie (bonus women if its Roloson), so the Vikings better beware. Due to the goonism, the Cougars were forced to make a trade for overpaid goalie Chris Osgood, sending a 7th round pick to the Huskies in exchange for Osgood's "services". Immediately after being acquired, Osgood got the start Thursday against his former team, the Kansas City Krunch, acoring a win against the heavily favoured Krunch. The game saw Cougars' center Yanic Perreault score the Cougars' first ever four goal game. Perreault, who was still not amused about the Oslo game replied in broken english as he vowed revenge against the Vikings, "get Parker up here to goon der goalie. Dose Vikings need to pay for dis goonery, I pay a teammate myself to goon one of dem Vikings goalies, payback will be sweet...Dis over rides our greatest win over dem Krunch, Die Vikings Die. Them Vikings piss me off, and it spoils my greatest game ever, and maybe Cougars best ever win. Gotta go get rest and get ready to kill Vikings." GM Baker denied any responsibility for any threat, but did manage to mention: "Vikings beware."


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