2006 SICHL Entry Draft Review

by Martin Lévesque | September 25, 2006, 9:25 PM ET
So, it came to my attention that Mark intends to pay me in what he calls "lap bucks". Where I could exchange this virtual cash for lap dances done by himself. My lawyers are looking into this. The actual review for each team will be short. Please remember that projecting young players is next to impossible for anyone, so take them with a grain of salt and stand by the work you all did! A few points. I don't actually think 2006 was a great year for prospects. The top prize was amazing. Erik Johnson is a better D prospect than I have ever seen myself and I would have given my left nut for him, provided I was still a GM and that I still had a left nut. I'm amazed Sean didn't make a strong pitch for him. Past Johnson, there's a crew of nice forwards, one or two of them might be game breakers but I have seen better. Much better. And then it slips into mediocrity rather fast. What does this mean? It means this year, if you did not have a great draft, it's not as big of a deal as say, if you missed out on the 2003 draft. And if you did have a great year, well, you're not turning into a world power because of that. Unless your name is Matt MacInnis or Sean Gallagher. 2007 should be a better year overall. I think the value of a single pick is starting to be set in stone but it appears that some GMs get more value than others for them. I encourage all of you to look at trades individually and learn from that. This year, I noticed not everybody was playing to their strength. Some of the teams with a lot of picks didn't draft all that well, while others made excellent choices but only had a few. My last tip would be to remember that the SICHL draft is NOT the NHL draft. There are reasons why NHL teams shy away from Euros. Reasons due to the collective bargain agreement of that league. You need to select players based on the SICHL collective bargain agreement in mind. Congratulations on your selections and your trade and best of luck to all teams. Without further ado, here are your selections, as well as the assets gained and lost for each team, with short (and sometimes offensive) comments: 2006 Entry Draft (Acadia Golden Bears) 8 Peter Mueller - C 11 Jonathan Bernier - G 12 Claude Giroux - RW 19 Leland Irving - G 34 Ondrej Fiala - C 45 Cal Clutterbuck - RW 49 Codey Burki - C 68 Brad Marchand - C 71 Brady Calla - RW 103 Bobby Hughes - C 108 Ben Wright - D 128 Ryan Russell - C 137 Eric Hunter - C 138 Sebastien Bisaillon - D 140 Bryan Pitton - G 165 Juuso Puustinen - RW 169 Jordan Bendfeld - D 180 Joey Perricone - G 204 Jesse Martin - C To Bears: Ladislav Nagy, Shawn Horcoff, Stephane Veilleux, Patrick O'Sullivan, Jonas Almtorp, Mike Cammalleri, VAN 2006 Rnd 1, EDM 2006 Rnd 1, OSL 2006 Rnd 2, NS 2006 Rnd 3, RYK 2006 Rnd 3, AMS 2006 Rnd 3, PHI 2006 Rnd 6, RYK 2006 Rnd 6, WHI 2006 Rnd 6, TOR 2007 Rnd 6, AMS 2006 Rnd 8 Bears Lost: Dwayne Roloson, Maxim Afinogenov, TOR 2006 Rnd 1, OTT 2006 Rnd 1, ACA 2006 Rnd 2, MIA 2006 Rnd 3 ACA 2006 Rnd 4, BRN 2006 Rnd 5, NYE 2006 Rnd 6, ACA 2006 Rnd 6, BRN 2006 Rnd 8, NS 2006 Rnd 8, VAN 2006 Rnd 9 Verdict: Definitly, the busiest franchise of the week! Lots of trades, lots of draft selections, lots of actions! Something needs to be said here. Guy is quickly becoming the second Norm. Screwing people left and right, grabbing picks and re-selling at higher prices. Really good stuff. And thus, I shall nickname him "Pocket Norm". It was either that or "The Lowly Lowballer". This is really nice work and how you cycle assets to accelerate rebuilding. On the drafting, I do have concerns. Last year, I felt Guy was subpar at best. This year is only slightly better. This constant habit of reaching is going to cost the Bears. 2006 Entry Draft (Amsterdam Admirals) 7 Kyle Okposo - RW 16 Michael Grabner - RW 20 Riku Helenius - G 25 Matthew Corrente - D 36 David Fischer - D 97 James Reimer - G 121 Niko Snellman - W 145 Doug Rogers - C 185 Maxime Frechette - D 189 Max Warn - LW 193 Matthew McCollem - LW 209 Peter LeBlanc - C To Admirals: Kyle Chipchura, BRN 2006 Rnd 8, PHI 2006 Rnd 8, PHI 2006 Rnd 9, ACA 2006 Rnd 2 Admirals lost: Niklas Bergfors, AMS 2006 Rnd 3, ACA 2006 Rnd 3 Verdict: Okposo is ok but I question Grabner. I felt there were better picks to be made and thought this GM would take advantage of his CHL knowledge in other ways. I felt the trades were a step backward. Amsterdam is not going to get on the hockey map with this week. Wheat Kings Verdict: This franchise did nothing. Just like in 2005, they drafted zero players. And just like every year, they'll do nothing. Mediocrity. Doug is such a nice guy and committed to this team but he needs to do something. At this point, anything would be better than nothing. But my advice is to scrap everything and start anew. Complete rebuild. The Cardinals/Buccaneers did it and they didn't need it as bad as the Weheaties. This new dispersal and the waiver rules will make this team obsolete very soon if actions are not taken. 2006 Entry Draft (Calgary Mustangs) 57 Mathieu Carle - D 81 Brett Bennett - G 105 Felix Schutz - C 129 Ryan Turek - C 153 Kevin Beech - G 177 Patric Hornqvist - W Verdict: Carle is risky but at this rank, what can ou do? Not many picks here and no trades. We're waiting for sommething to happen here. 2006 Entry Draft (Chicago Buccaneers) 2 Phil Kessel - C 5 Jonathan Toews - C 9 Michael Frolik - C 29 Igor Makarov - RW 47 Ben Maxwell - C 53 Michael Forney - LW 77 Joseph Palmer - G 118 Jonas Ahnelov - D 123 Cameron Cepek - D 132 Constantin Braun - LW 142 Ryan Flynn - RW 149 Benjamin Breault - C 156 Andrew Bodnarchuk - D 164 Jan Mursak - LW 173 Brian Day - RW 191 Stefan Ridderwall - G 197 Peter Aston - D Buccaneers gained: ACA 2006 Rnd 6, RYK 2006 Rnd 7, NS 2006 Rnd 8 Bucs lost: CHI 2006 Rnd 5 Verdict: Wow. Sean's commitment to rebuilding was maintained. Absolute gold is struck here. At first, I didn't like Kessel's selection. In retrospect, it still makes sense, seeing as Kessel is unique and uncomparable. By picking him first, the Bucs get an unknown quantity but were assured to get one of the safer forwards later. Toews is a solid pick. Frolik is even better. Makarov probably should have been drafted higher as well. There are other players who are nice here. Notice that since 2003, the Bucs have really gone for fancy, unidimensional forwards. Something they had shied away after Brendl and Shvidki at the league start. I wouldn't have made the exact same picks but the result is one franchise with so many offensive options. Great job. More trades are needed now. This franchise's rebuild is complete as far as I am concerned. A future top 5 team. 2006 Entry Draft (Edmonton Supersonics) 18 Bobby Sanguinetti - D 32 Jamie McGinn - LW 55 Jesse Joensuu - W 56 Simon Danis-Pepin - D 69 John Degray - D 73 Ryan Hillier - LW 80 Daniel Larsson - G 93 T.J. Miller - D 95 Tony Romano - C 104 Tony Lagerstrom - C 152 Logan Pyett - D 166 Derek Dorsett - RW 176 Jesse Dudas - D 200 Andrew MacDonald - D Supersonic gained: WHI 2006 Rnd 1, MIA 2006 Rnd 3, BRN 2006 Rnd 4 Sonics lost: EDM 2006 Rnd 1, EDM 2007 Rnd 4 Verdict: Intially, the Sonics were a strong franchise that picked well. Then they stubbornly used quality first rounders on one Czech bust after another. That and very conservative management led to the decline of the first SICHL dynasty ever. This year, Mike went for a Norh American player but he is another risky selection. The trades were fine and led to a nice freebie in Joensuu, who is as risky as they come. 2006 Entry Draft (Fredericton Express) 4 Nicklas Backstrom - C 27 Ivan Vishnevskiy - D 30 Bryce Swan - RW 33 Carl Sneep - D 51 Artem Anisimov - C 54 Eric Gryba - D 74 Dick Axelsson - W 75 Jan-Mikael Juutilainen - C 99 David Kveton - RW 147 Brian Salcido - D 171 Joseph Fallon - G Express gained: TOR 2006 Rnd 4 Express lost: Andreas Lilja Verdict: Someone give Mark a kleenex. Make that three Kleenex for the two Staal brothers who were hoping Jordan would join them. Or maybe not, as Backstrom is a consolation price and many think he was actually the best forward of the entire draft. Solid player who does everything well. Vishnevsky? I think that might have been a mistake. The other picks look good and the trade was fine. Nothing earth-shaking here, which means this franchise is still headed for world domination. The Express will soon be one of the finest franchise around. Just watch. 2006 Entry Draft (Hamburg Gladiators) 15 Jiri Tlusty - C 40 Francois Bouchard - RW 63 Brian Strait - D 87 Kevin Quick - D 159 Shane Sims - D 183 Levi Nelson - C 207 Kevin Koopman - D 215 Jakub Lev - G Gladiators gained: $175,000 Glads lost: HBG 2006 Rnd 2, HBG 2006 Rnd 6 Verdict: Gladiators are one of the wild card franchises in the league. Really underrated core. However, Henry must grab the bull by the horns and do something to make it a tangible threat. This draft and the latteral moves need to end and we need to see a more agressive stance. Bouchard is a nice pick. 2006 Entry Draft (Kansas City Krunch) 14 James Sheppard - C 38 Chris Summers - D 62 Michael Ratchuk - D 70 Milan Lucic - LW 86 Jamie McBain - D Krunch gained: Andreas Lilja, Alexei Tezikov, TOR 2007 Rnd 4 Krunch lost: TOR 2006 Rnd 4, KC 2006 Rnd 5, KC 2006 Rnd 6, KC 2006 Rnd 7, KC 2006 Rnd 8, KC 2006 Rnd 9 Verdict: Some years, Kansas doesn't draft well, other times, they really impress. This is one of the good years! One of the better drafts this year. Pity they didn't make more picks. On the trade front, I can't say I was impressed. But this was one of the best drafts of this year, with only five picks. 2006 Entry Draft (Las Vegas Aces) 64 Jhonas Enroth - G 88 Theo Peckham - D 112 Rhett Rakhshani - RW 136 Niclas Andersen - D 160 Robert Nyholm - RW 184 Nick Sucharski - LW 208 Alexander Hellstrom - D Verdict: Aces didn't have much margin to maneuver. I like Peckham at that spot. In fact, these selections are nice. It's a pity this GM didn't get more picks. Las Vegas needs to pick it up in free agency and surround the youngsters. 2006 Entry Draft (Les Canons de Québec) 13 Chris Stewart - RW 23 Andreas Nodl - RW 37 Keith Seabrook - D 61 Blake Geoffrion - LW 85 Denis Bodrov - D 96 Jonathan Matsumoto - C 109 Korbinian Holzer - D 111 Pierre-Luc Lessard - D 120 Leo Komarov - C 133 Julian Walker - W 157 Bud Holloway - C 181 Andy Sackrison - C 205 Arturs Kulda - D Verdict: This is a rather nice draft. Nice balance of safer picks and high risk. With so many picks, this franchise should get a few SICHLers. Several of the picks could be steals, such as Matsumoto. The trading will have to come next. 2006 Entry Draft (Miami Makos) 79 Cody Wild - D 125 Jase Weslosky - G 127 Jakub Kovar - G 151 Michael Dupont - G 175 Benn Ferriero - C 182 Lukas Zeliska - C 216 Viktor Sjodin - W Makos gained: Matt Jones, Raymond Sawada, KC 2006 Rnd 8 Makos lost: MIA 2006 Rnd 2, NYE 2006 Rnd 8, MIA 2006 Rnd 9 Verdict: I would have kept the 2nd rounder. Cody Wild at 79th is really nice. I like this draft although it is risky. But it seems the new GMs have it rough this year by the old goats. It's tough to make great deals when you initially enter the league. 2006 Entry Draft (Moskva Reds) 43 Semen Varlamov - G 46 Nikolai Kulemin - W 50 Shawn Matthias - C 67 Vladimir Zharkov - RW 91 Jonas Junland - D 94 Viktor Stahlberg - LW 115 Alexander Bumagin - W 139 Pavel Valentenko - D 163 Martin Latal - RW 187 Jonas Enlund - C 194 Lukas Vantuch - C 211 Sean Zimmerman - D Verdict: A very bizarre draft. The Russian bias here is really fun but risky. I do not think it was a wise move despite the potential. There were better players. Would have liked to see a trade or two as well although the franchise is already solid. 2006 Entry Draft (New York Empire) 22 Trevor Lewis - C 48 Jeff Petry - D 72 Ben Shutron - D Team didn't have much to do. Lewis is a solid pick but there was better. No trades. Then again, no trades is better than getting screwed because you're a new guy. Next test is free agency. 2006 Entry Draft (Nova Scotia Schooners) 39 Yuri Alexandrov - D 167 Timo Seppanen - D 168 David McIntyre - C Schooners gained: HBG 2006 Rnd 2 Schooners lost: Nothing Verdict: There's nothing to write about here. This team needs more action. Alexandrov is a longshot but interesting. 2006 Entry Draft (Oslo Vikings) 10 Bryan Little - C 31 Alexander Vasyunov - LW 58 Michal Neuvirth - G 106 Robin Figren - W 117 Michael Caruso - D 130 Kyle Cumiskey - D 154 Brent Gwidt - C 178 Alex Kangas - G 195 David Meckler - C 202 Kyle Lawson - D 213 Mathieu Perreault - C Vikings gained: Dwayne Roloson, Maxim Afinogenov, Matt Jones, Raymond Sawada, BRN 2006 Rnd 5 Vikings lost: Ladislav Nagy, Shawn Horcoff, OSL 2006 Rnd 2, MIA 2006 Rnd 2 Verdict: The Vikings were in a tough spot after some mistakes at the dispersal draft and pressure got the better of them as they dealt with Pocket Norm for Roloson. The Vikings lost quality picks, the wing swap is not a win and Roloson is a patch. I think the draft selections are promising. This franchise is on solid ground and i's just a matter of time before we hear more about the Vikings. 2006 Entry Draft (Ottawa Slammers) 24 Patrik Berglund - C 28 Dennis Persson - D 76 Daniel Rahimi - D 100 Alex Biega - D 124 Derrick Lapoint - D 143 Ryan Daniels - G 148 Billy Sauer - G 172 Richard Bachman - G 196 Kim Johansson - W To Slammers: Chris Mason, Chris Neil, Kaspars Daugavins, OTT 2006 Rnd 2, OTT 2006 Rnd 4 To Norsemen: Robert Esche, David Vyborny Verdict: There are two sides to this story. First, the Slammers improved their drafting this year. Berglund's selection is particularly nice but other picks stand out. However, it must be said that two years ago, the Slammers pick was used to draft Alexander Ovechkin and this year, to draft Erik Johnson. Both times, it wasn't Pat Booth calling the name. Making astute selections is great but it's better when it actually makes a bigger difference. This franchise would be light years ahead with Ovechkin and Johnson onboard. 2006 Entry Draft (Philadelphia Fire Ants) 17 Ty Wishart - D 41 Cory Emmerton - C 60 Riley Holzapfel - C 65 Kirill Tulupov - D 89 Aaron Snow - LW FireAnts gained: Jason Blake, Niklas Bergfors, ACA 2006 Rnd 3, $500,000 Fire Ants Lost: Mikael Samuelsson, Kyle Chipchura, PHI 2007 Rnd 3, PHI 2006 Rnd 5, PHI 2006 Rnd 6, PHI 2006 Rnd 7, AMS 2006 Rnd 8, PHI 2006 Rnd 8, PHI 2006 Rnd 9 Verdict: Fire Ants did the usual. Cut the fat and added quality players and prospects. Bergfors alone is worth more than most players drafted this year. Chipchura will not be missed. The drafting was okay but we've seen better from Norm. Still an improved team! 2006 Entry Draft (Reykjavik Icemen) 82 Harrison Reed - RW 84 Oskar Osala - LW 92 Aaron Marvin - C 101 Jeff Zatkoff - G 113 Kyle Medvec - D 116 Joonas Lehtivuori - D 134 Matt D'Agostini - RW 144 Mark Dekanich - G 158 Tomas Zaborsky - W 192 Chad Johnson - G 201 Tim Kennedy - 203 Nick Oslund - RW Icemen gained: OSL 2006 Rnd 4, ACA 2006 Rnd 4, CHI 2006 Rnd 5, PHI 2006 Rnd 5, NYE 2006 Rnd 6, KC 2006 Rnd 6, KC 2006 Rnd 7, NS 2006 Rnd 8, NYE 2006 Rnd 8, WIN 2006 Rnd 9, CGY 2006 Rnd 9, VAN 2006 Rnd 9, $100,000 Icemen lost: Chris Gratton, Jonas Almtorp, RYK 2006 Rnd 2, RYK 2006 Rnd 3, RYK 2006 Rnd 7, NS 2006 Rnd 8, RYK 2006 Rnd 9, WIN 2006 Rnd 9 Verdict: Depth, depth, depth. The Icemen are banking on finding underrated gems in the low rounds. I like the basic strategy but the execution, IMO, needs work. The projection for many of these picks are not realistic. It will take great luck for three of these players to take a regular shift in the SICHL. 2006 Entry Draft (Stockholm Cougars) 6 Derick Brassard - C 102 Steve Mason - G 126 Matt Beleskey - LW 150 Petteri Wirtanen - C 174 Jay Barriball - F 190 Chris Hickey - C 198 Jordan Fulton - C Verdict: I might have taken someone else than Brassard here. The rest of the draft is ok. The Cougars need to be a little more active overall. The franchise also has this habit of gambling a lot with picks. 2006 Entry Draft (Toronto Titans) 21 Nick Foligno - LW 26 Mark Mitera - D 98 Tommy Sestito - LW 110 James Delory - D 119 Hugo Carpentier - C 122 Luke Lynes - C 141 Maxime Lacroix - LW 146 Olivier Magnan - D 161 Stefan Chaput - C 170 Devin Didiomete - LW 188 Dane Crowley - D 199 Kyle Henegan - D 206 Nick Dodge - RW 212 Matt Marquardt - LW 214 Erik Condra - RW To Titans: Chris Gratton, KC 2006 Rnd 5, PHI 2006 Rnd 7, RYK 2006 Rnd 8, MIA 2006 Rnd 9, KC 2006 Rnd 9, RYK 2006 Rnd 9, WIN 2006 Rnd 9 Titans lost: Alexei Tezikov, TOR 2007 Rnd 4, TOR 2007 Rnd 6, $175,000 Verdict: Vast improvement in Toronto! After years of questionable trades and apathy, GM Derrick goes on the offensive. The trades are nice. The picks are an improvement on past years! I like what I am seeing here. More of that, and the Titans will be on the rise. 2006 Entry Draft (Vancouver Island Norsemen) 1 Erik Johnson - D 35 Tomas Kana - C 52 Nigel Williams - D 59 Mike Weber - D 78 Kaspars Daugavins - LW 83 Reto Berra - G 107 Michael Carman - C 131 Juraj Simek - W 135 Niko Hovinen - G 155 Marc Cheverie - G 179 Denis Kazionov - LW Norsemen gained: Robert Esche, David Vyborny, OTT 2006 Rnd 1, EDM 2007 Rnd 4, WIN 2007 Rnd 5, HBG 2006 Rnd 6 Norsemen lost: Stephane Veilleux, Patrick O'Sullivan, Darren Reid, Chris Mason, Chris Neil, Kaspars Daugavins, VAN 2006 Rnd 1, OTT 2006 Rnd 2, OTT 2006 Rnd 4, BRN 2006 Rnd 4, RYK 2006 Rnd 6, RYK 2006 Rnd 8 Verdict: GM MacInnis makes the better of his depth and goes for quality. Solid drafting with a mix of talent, smarts and fundamentals. Johnson's potential is sky-high. A really good week if one doesn't take into acount the fact Robert Esche irremediably sucks juicy ones and tarnishes anything he is associated with. The Norsemen nonetheless have all the building blocks in place to become one of the powerhouses of the SICHL. 2006 Entry Draft (Whitehorse Huskies) 3 Jordan Staal - C 42 Ryan White - C 66 John Armstrong - C 90 Kevin Montgomery - D 114 Tomas Marcinko - C 162 Andrei Popov - RW 186 Martin Nolet - D 210 Justin Krueger - D Huskies gained: TOR 2006 Rnd 1 Huskies lost: Mike Cammalleri, WHI 2006 Rnd 1, WHI 2006 Rnd 6 Verdict: This is a respectable draft. As usual, Don goes heavily North American and ignores nice oversea talent. Staal is a quality pick and quite safe. Trade could have been better but it is high time the Huskies strike higher profile prospects. Many of the other players drafted are suspect. 2006 Entry Draft (Winnipeg Jets) 44 Joe Ryan - D Jets gained: Darren Reid, Mikael Samuelsson, RYK 2006 Rnd 2, PHI 2007 Rnd 3 Jets lost: Jason Blake, NS 2006 Rnd 3, OSL 2006 Rnd 4, WIN 2007 Rnd 5, WIN 2006 Rnd 9, CGY 2006 Rnd 9, $600,000 Verdict: The Jets were not very active but managed to grab a higher profile prospect. The players exchanged are inconsequential and they get a 2007 pick in a deeper draft. This team has no needs but let's hope Michel will be more proactive. I'm not impressed by this week but that's probably because I expect a lot more out of one of the best GMs in the SICHL. Feedback on this article can be posted to this thread: http://www.sichl.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1159252048/0#0


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