Bucs Shocked On Draft Day One

by Sean Gallagher | September 23, 2006, 11:03 PM ET
The fans and assorted Buccaneers assembled at the team's draft party at Reserve Chicago were blown away by the developments of the SICHL Entry Draft on Saturday. Knowing that consensus number one pick Erik Johnson would not be coming to the windy city, fans were floating myriad theories of who GM Sean Gallagher would select second overall. "We figured he wouldn't take [Jordan] Staal mainly because it'd start a million rumors about 'so-and-so coming to Chicago from Fredricton in exchange for Staal' and Gallagher hates that kind of crap," said self-proclaimed draft guru Dave Davidson, "so a lot of people figured he'd take [Jonathan] Toews at that spot." Reactions were mixed when the Bucs selected scoring American phenom Phil Kessel second overall. "Woooo!" screamed fan Will Williamson. But the reaction couldn't have been louder than when all-around stud prospect Toews fell to the fifth spot and was also selected by Chicago. "No way I could have predicted that one", said drunken know-it-all Steve Stephenson, "to get Kessel and Toews is unbelievable." Fans also managed to lose their minds when the Bucs made their third pick of the first round, taking enigmatic boom or bust prospect Michael Frolik ninth overall. "Washnt that guy supposed to be first overall?" asked walking wounded fan Erik Ericsson. "Yah, like 11 months ago," replied his wobbly friend Don Donaldson. All the same, Chicago GM Gallagher was happy with his day one take. "When we essentially lost the draft lottery, we got very excited about taking Phil Kessel with our first pick," said Gallagher, "we were similarly excited about who we'd get at the five spot, but never considered that Toews would be available there. Then, when Frolik was still in the stands when our ninth pick came up, I damn near sprinted to the stage. "He's a tremendously talented kid, and I hope that he takes it as a challenge that he fell so far in draft order over the last few months. I'd love to have him stick it to the rest of the league." The Bucs finished the rest of the first four rounds by selecting three more high-risk/high-reward forwards in Igor "remember my dad?" Makarov, Ben Maxwell and Michael Forney and a project goalie Joe Palmer. "We're really happy with the quality of young men we selected today", said Gallagher, "I think we got seven great players for our team. I look forward to the day they pull that Buccaneers sweater over their heads and head onto the ice for the first time. I think we really helped our franchise today."


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