Upcoming Pride Night, GHA Playoff Buzz, and Gold Points Activated!

While it's been a rough season for the big club, there are many things to be excited about with the Calgary Mustangs. Take a look to see what's coming up!
by Matt Burch | April 8, 2024, 11:43 PM ET

A season has many ebbs and flows from draft day to when a champ is crowned. In some seasons, like the Mustangs' 2023–2024 season, the ebbs are more abundant. However, there are many silver linings and some things to get excited about. Let's get started!


DAY 139 VS REYKJAVIK RIDERS - PRIDE NIGHT - The return of the popular pride jersey of the Calgary Mustangs will be worn on Thursday, April 11. Despite the common practice of only wearing these jerseys during warmups, the Mustangs have announced they will wear the jerseys for the tilt against the Riders. Per GM Matt Burch, "there's no reason the jersey needs to be tucked away from the audience at home. The cause is important; the jerseys are phenomenal, so why not wear them for all to see?".

Look for the jersey posting on the Mustangs' team feed on Twitter and Discord.


MEXICO CITY MUTANTES CLINCH PLAYOFFS WITH OUTSTANDING REGULAR SEASON While the pro club in Calgary has had its struggles all season, the farm team gives glimmers of hope as they clinched a playoff berth with an excellent season. While only ranked sixth in the conference, looks are deceiving, as they're two points from fourth overall and first round home ice advantage. They've also eclipsed the eighth-seeded Central Oregon Cowboys by seventeen points. Led by offensive genius Matias Maccelli, the Mutantes have a balanced group of youth like Jiri Kulich, Ville Heinola, and Marco Rossi, as well as the veteran leadership of Milan Lucic and Ryan Lomberg. What might hurt their chances is the injury to goaltending mainstay Alex Lyon; however, young upstart and total weirdo (even for a goalie), Yaroslav Askarov has taken the reins and provided some stability between the pipes. As Lyon's availability for the playoffs remains questionable, Askarov's workload will likely only increase come post-season.


GOLD POINT FRENZY! - It's that time of the season where elimination means it's time...to try and win! I know; I'm still getting used to it, too. Fourteen days ago, the Nova Scotia Schooners were the first team to be eliminated at the hands of your very own Calgary Mustangs. In those fourteen days, the Mustangs managed three wins and four losses, ending the run on day 135 to get eliminated by the very same Nova Scotia Schooners (cue Rust saying something about time is a flat circle). Now comes the tricky bit: should some of the top talent in Mexico, like Maccelli, get the call to help go for gold points, or is the gold point pursuit overrated and the chances are too small to warrant gaining in the standings?

One thing's for certain: the Schooners and their twelve gold-point head start (a lot has happened in mere fourteen days, okay?) is likely unsurpassable, so at best we'll see the Mustangs pursuing the second most gold points with the roster they have, possibly borrowing help from Mexico until the kids begin their own quest for the GHA championship.


BONUS - ARENA NEWS - Don't think I forgot about this! Look for the next story where we break down the plethora of new arena options, designed and submitted by a variety of parties such as architects, engineers, fans, artists, and reclusive billionaires!


Enjoy your race to the finish, fellow GMs!


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