Year of the Dragon in SICHL

What fortune will you receive?
by Herman Goalville | February 10, 2024, 6:22 PM ET

Happy New Year! To find your FORTUNE:

Option 1: Take your age. Subtract the age of your celebrity crush (or subtract your age from theirs if they are older). The number needs to be between 1-30. You can also use your favorite hockey player.

Option 2: Play a game of tetris. Use your level score

Option 3: Get a fortune cookie. Eenie Meenie Minie Moe the lucky numbers


  1. The stars align for your team's offensive firepower to surge like fireworks in the night sky.
  2. Your goaltenders will stand strong like the mighty dragon, guarding your fantasy kingdom with fierce determination.
  3. A hidden gem on waivers will bring unexpected fortune to your roster.
  4. Your injured players will make a swift recovery, returning to the ice stronger than ever.
  5. Embrace the spirit of the tiger, as your team's aggression leads to domination in hits and penalty minutes.
  6. Patience will be rewarded as your young prospects blossom into fantasy stars before your eyes.
  7. Your power-play unit will operate with precision, converting opportunities with the grace of a traditional dance.
  8. Beware of complacency; stay vigilant in your roster management to maintain your fantasy dynasty.
  9. Trust in your instincts when making trades, for they will lead you to great fortune.
  10. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, your team will overcome adversity and soar to new heights.
  11. Stay disciplined in managing your lineup, and victory will be within reach.
  12. Your team's depth will prove to be its greatest strength during times of adversity.
  13. Channel the wisdom of the ox to grind out close matchups and secure crucial victories.
  14. Keep a watchful eye on the waiver wire, where hidden treasures await discovery.
  15. Balance is key to success; strive for harmony among your skaters to achieve optimal performance.
  16. Adaptability will be your ally as you navigate the ebbs and flows of the fantasy hockey season.
  17. Show compassion towards struggling players, for they may yet become the heroes of your fantasy saga.
  18. Take calculated risks in pursuit of glory, but remember to weigh the potential rewards against the inherent dangers.
  19. Your team's resilience will be tested, but perseverance will ultimately lead to triumph.
  20. Embrace the spirit of teamwork, for collective effort yields greater rewards than individual brilliance.
  21. Trust in your coaching instincts to make the right lineup decisions when it matters most.
  22. Your rivals will underestimate you at their peril, as your team's potential knows no bounds.
  23. Keep a steady hand on the helm of your fantasy ship, guiding it through turbulent waters towards victory.
  24. Seek inspiration from past champions, learning from their strategies to enhance your own.
  25. Embrace the element of surprise, catching your opponents off guard with bold moves and unexpected tactics.
  26. Stay humble in victory and gracious in defeat, for sportsmanship is the true measure of a champion.
  27. Your fantasy destiny is written in the stars; believe in your team's ability to defy expectations.
  28. Forge bonds of camaraderie with your fellow fantasy managers, for together you are stronger.
  29. Celebrate the successes of your players, nurturing their confidence as they strive for greatness.
  30. As the new year dawns, seize the opportunity to write your own fantasy hockey legend.

*You can also choose one that speaks to you


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