Havana Headlines 2022-23 SICHL Season

The Revolution grasp massive success in the 2022-23 SICHL Season. Something worth taking a moment to celebrate
by Che Guevara | May 20, 2023, 11:35 AM ET

The Havana Revolution have finally done it. Commissioners Trophy Champions after years of falling a point or two short of that goal the year has finally tipped in their favour. But that is just one example of the success brought by Havana this year, as the team and its players have set numerous team and league records in what might be one of the best regular season displays in modern SICHL history.   


What comes from their playoff demons will be another story, one that begins to write itself tonight with Game 1 of their series against the vastly underrated Philadelphia Fire Ants.  “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we are a very humble team, at least when it comes to playoffs. Every single win is something we have come to value.” added coach Wendal Clark.   



However in the regular season the Revolution were upturning the natural order with raised fists and no cares for anyone that lay in their wake! Finishing with 134 points sets a new record in SICHL history (2nd best if you count the universally derided 2012/13 season). They finished 1st in Goals For and 1st in Goals Allowed, clearly demonstrating their dominance at both ends of the ice. The team was also extremely efficient in their play as shown by shot conversion where Havana saw 10.39% of their shots go in the net (3rd slightly behind Portland and Seattle), and lead the league in shot conversion against limiting opposing teams to a 7.61% shot conversion rate with no other teams markedly close.  


Obviously this team success came on the backs of some unbelievable stand out performances by the teams best players. Namely the “double headed Connster” in Connor McDavid and Connor Hellebuyck, as good as the former is…let’s concentrate on the latter, as Hellebuyck is doing something in this league that has put him in the record books for generations.   


On top of his dazzling iron man record (made even more incredible when contrasted against the infirmary ward that were most SICHL teams goaltending depth charts), the numbers he has put together are eye popping. Bucket as team has nicknamed him, owns 4 of the top 5 best regular seasons by wins in SICHL history with this last season topping the charts at 63 wins. Already at 20th on the all time goaltenders win leaders board, Hellebuyck also currently leads the all time goaltenders GAA with 2.29 and is top 5 in SV% at 0.918 over his career. All this by a lowly 2012 5th rounder drafted 134th overall, behind a ton of players no one has likely ever heard of: Reece Wilcox, Francios Tremblay, Fredrik Larsson and Nail Yakupov.    


You expect it from those guys you draft in the 1st and 2nd rounds, but Hellebuyck took the team by storm and just never looked back. He has full confidence in himself and he clearly takes his health and training very seriously.” remarked GM Prozeller. “He already is one of those league defining goaltenders and his name will be all over our franchise history books along with the leagues. You know a player is seen by the league to be gold standard when the other GM’s in the league don’t even bother asking about him in trade talks. They know he is a Revolutionary for life.” 

This doesn’t take away from the other individual accomplishments born by Havana players this season. The other Connor, Connor McDavid, finally lived up to his billing as a number one overall pick by leading the league this year in points with 48G 67A for 115 points, technically tied with Anze Kopitar from the St Louis Spartans but McDavid compiled his totals in 5 less games. He was that clutch player when the team needed him with a league leading 16 game winning goals. His points, goals and game winning goals all topping the Havana Revolution Franchise single season record books. 

Brent Burns was on pace for a career season of 94 points prior to a series of lower body injuries that saw him collectively miss 25 games, however his impact on the SICHL continues to be cemented as he now sits 2nd on the all time SICHL defensive scoring leaderboard. 

There were several success stories to point out such as career years by Jonathan Huberdeau, Nazem Kadri, and Jesper Bratt, not to mention Rasmus Ristolianen somehow posting a league leading +61!! 

Sure there will be the detractors that say Havana is in the weaker conference and none of this means anything without playoff success, but in a world where winners are everything and losers are nothing. This journalist thought it was important to take a moment to celebrate a rare occurrence, a true victory and a special team that Havana has brought together. 

"All Revolution's are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities." ~David Mitchell


¡Viva La Revolucion!


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