Revolutionary Tactical Roster Plan Comes Together

The Revolution have been conducting postgame analysis and making surgical moves throughout the year, the SICHL leaders roster is finally ready for playoffs
by Che Guevara | April 2, 2023, 7:38 PM ET

Havana has taken a different approach to team building this season, instead of the traditional method of top down identification of team needs, the brass have spent the majority of the season listening to coaching staff, interviewing players and analyzing the game results. All in service of putting the most complete team forward when it comes to playoff time. “The idea is to really drill down and ensure we are making targeted acquisitions in an effort to really give this team an edge when playoffs come” commented Asst GM Darryl Sittler

When you break down the moves the Revolution have made this season in advance of the deadline you can certainly see the scrupulous planning that went into each trade. 

Trade 1 With superstars Connor McDavid, Elias Lindholm, Jonathan Huberdeau and Leon Draisaitl it was clear the team needed to split the talent across two lines but they were lacking a true second line. Jesper Bratt was ready to graduate to the top 6 but aside from him and the regression in play of Tyler Seguin there was a massive hole on that second line.  “Early on in the season even before it started we knew we needed another scoring topline forward. We had been in discussions with the Calgary Mustangs last year and made our interest in Kadri well known. So when their season didn't start out as anticipated it was a pretty easy deal to close out.” alleged GM Prozeller  

Trade 2 During the 2 month injury to Brent Burns, Havana really struggled as a team to bring together defensive pairings but also many of their forward lines stopped producing as they should have been. “This had us on the lookout for another offensive defenseman who could help fill the void.” added Prozeller *Enter the Banff Rockies and Mikhail Sergachev* “When he was made available to the league our scouts basically broke down my door clambering that I immediately go get him.” recalled Prozeller 

Trade 3 "About midway through the season it was clear our 3rd and 4th lines were just not clicking the way we wanted. The offense was not generating how we had hoped and these players couldn't contribute even on the powerplay.” indicated Sittler. It was clear Havana had the wrong mix and rumours are they spent the majority of the last two months talking to teams about different forwards and trying to retool. “Danault was identified early on and we made a couple attempts to bring him over from Ottawa, but the Slammer GM is a savvy deal maker and will often patiently wait out the market. We really had to push to get this deal done but are happy with the result and know what Danault brings to our team.” add Prozeller 

Trade 4 That saw the team already very heavy at center bring in yet another one, this problem was exacerbated with the dealing of Jakob Silfverberg to the Dublin Shamrocks. This sparked another deal as the Revolution flipped 4th line center Nic Dowd to the St Louis Spartans converting to Connor Brown who was another forward that Havana was targeting as part of their retool.  

Aside from the major four roster additions this season the Revolution have added some future offensive depth in Jason Zucker and Jason Dickinson. On the back end Havana added defensive depth acquiring franchise favourite Jake Muzzin and Zdeno Chara.   

Team spokesman Ron Swason was approached to asked about how the team has improved and ready to compete for the Continental Cup:

Che Guevera: So Ron this retooled team is ready to win a championship?  

Ron Swason: It’s Mr. Swanson, and who knows what’s going to happen, let’s not go chasing applause and acclaim before we win anything…that way lies madness. 

CG: Thoughts on Havana’s moves? Savvy, too much or not enough? 

RS: Normally, if given the choice between doing something and nothing, I’d choose to do nothing. But I will do something if it helps someone else do nothing. Unfortunately I have no idea what the crackpots running this team are doing.  

CG: Well doing nothing may have been easier… it may be tough integrating in all the new players, and sad to see some players go.

RS: I’m not interested in caring about players. I am certain the team isn’t either, they will assimilate or they won’t play I guess. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.

CG: Speaking of sitting players, there are rumours the team might rest star players as they get closer to the playoffs. Have you heard any discussions about that? 

RS: Absolutely not, this team doesn’t quit, there are all kinds of victories. There's more than one banner in the league. That's not a lesson, by the way, just a comment on banner availability.

CG: What are your feelings on how far this team can go in the playoffs? 

RS: I would rather bleed out than sit here and talk about my feelings for another 10 seconds, this enough to fulfil your article? We done here?

"We are sorry for the inconvienence, but this is a Revolution." ~ Subcomandante Marcos

¡Viva La Revolucion!


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