Draft Rankings for 2012

Plenty of teams made out well from the 2012 draft, but one team really hit it out of the park. On the other end, some teams had pretty dismal draft results.
by Sylvain Tremblay | April 2, 2022, 4:08 PM ET

The methodology used to produce the draft rankings for 2012 was the same as the one used for 2016. If you missed it and you are interested in knowing how the ranks were determined, please check out that article.

For 2012, the top five teams were:

1.       Nova Scotia Schooners

Despite a couple of missteps, the Nova Scotia Schooners still came out on top of the 2012 draft rankings. The heavy hitters for the Schooners came out in the 2nd half of the draft. They were able to select Jaccob Slavin and Connor Brown at 151 and 185 respectively, both representing extremely great value considering their availability that late in the draft. The Schooners also made shrewd selections using their picks 96 and 165 for Brett Kulak and Connor Carrick. Just like with his trading, that many good late selections look like Eric knew the cheat codes for that draft. That said, the Schooners also hit with their first rounder when they added Teuvo Teravainen and one of their two second round picks in Adam Pelech. Their other second round and third round selections never amounted to anything: Tim Bozon and John Draeger. Overall, a draft for the ages, challenging for the best one draft ever done in SICHL history.

2.       Acadia Golden Bears

The Golden Bears also had a great draft but fell a bit short of the Schooners. As usual, the Bears had a ton of picks in the draft with 17 in total including 12 in the first half of the draft. Acadia’s success in this draft mostly rests on a very successful drafting sequence early in the third round:  Shayne Gostisbehere at 64, Devin Shore at 66 and Colton Parayko at 69. While these selections represented the best value for the draft position, the Bears also had a hot start to their draft. With their first three picks in the draft, all in the first round, they were able to add significant talent in Jacob Trouba at 5, Cody Ceci at 13, and Scott Laughton at 18. Another selection out of the bunch is also worth mentioning. In the fifth round, at 121, Acadia went with the small but talented Vinnie Hinostroza.

3.       Reykjavik Riders

A step back from the uncontested best from this draft, the Riders were able to step on the last place on the podium by selecting a star and many complementary players. With the 7th pick overall, Reykjavik was able to draft a star forward in Filip Forsberg. Out of their other seven selections, one in each other round except the third, where they held two picks, the Riders were able to select five players ranging that played over 100 games at the pro level. Their second most impactful selection happened with their last pick, at 175, in Dylan Demelo. The other selections that are still grasping at depth roles were: Mark Jankowski at 35, Jujhar Khaira at 63, Jimmy Vesey at 91 and Dominic Toninato at 119.

4.       Calgary Mustangs

The Mustangs draft in 2012 was overall dragged down by their unperforming first selection at 4 when they selected Mikhail Grigorenko. Despite that mishap, they were able to edge the Revolution for the fourth position due to their performance for the remainder of the draft. Their best selection was made in the second round with the 34th pick in Andrew Shaw. Three other drafted players were quite valuable considering their selection rank: Jordan Martinook at 62, Linus Ullmark at 146, and Matt Benning at 192. Amongst their other picks were also two players that are still hanging around for a depth role in Gemel Smith at 107 and Paul Ladue at 174.

5.       Havana Revolution

The Revolution held 13 picks in the draft but no first rounder. Out of those selections, only three hit the mark but they were each great value for the rank they were selected at. Success for Havana was first found in the fourth round with the selection of Chris Tierney at 101. Then, in the fifth round, the Revolution got their best player of the draft in Connor Hellebuyck at 134. Late in the draft, with their first of two seventh round picks, Havana drafted Ben Hutton at 177. They missed with pretty much all the others, but considering their best draft pick was 50, it didn’t draw them back too much.

Honorable mentions:

The Stockholm Cougars were right on Havana’s heels. Then, just a bit further, three more teams were ahead of the pack: the St. Louis Spartans, the Ottawa Slammers, and the Edmonton Supersonics.

The Stockholm Cougars were just a tad behind the Revolution. Considering that they only started drafting in the second round and that their second highest pick was at 88, the Cougars’ draft was a success. With their pick at the start of the second round, they drafted Mike Matheson at 32. Then, early in the fourth, they were able to put their hands on Brock McGinn. They did strike again with their early fifth rounder with Esa Lindell. Pretty good return considering their draft positions!

Three other teams stood out in that draft. Considering how well they did with their limited late selections, the St. Louis Spartans might have challenged for the top ranks with more picks that year. The Spartans only held three picks in that draft: 135, 164 and 191. While many would have shrugged these picks as a waste of time, St. Louis was able to hand pick Josh Anderson at 135 and Colin Miller at 191. You’ll say, who is that guy at 164, Doyle Somerby? The guy that prevented the Spartans from having a perfect record in 2021.

The Ottawa Slammers were in a rather rare situation for the 2012 draft: they had exactly one pick in each round of the draft. They also did what most teams should concentrate on doing… that is they drafted pro players with their picks in each of the four first rounds and then selected busts afterwards. For their effort, the Slammers got out of the draft with Tanner Pearson at 26, Colton Sissons at 41, Chris Driedger at 82, and Brendan Leipsic at 103.

In a year where many teams had some sort of success, the Edmonton Supersonics were the last team ahead of the bunch, qualifying for an honorable mention. Through their six draft selections, the Supersonics got two really good players. With their first rounder, they selected a player that every team would love to have but hates to play against in Tom Wilson at 21. Then, in the third round, the Supersonics also added a solid defenseman in Jake McCabe at 77. With their last pick, at 189, they also drafted Alexei Marchenko who played a bit of pro time.

Poor performers:

Three teams were identified as poor performers for 2012: the Brandon Wheat Kings, the Montreal Millionaires, and the Kansas City Krunch.

The Brandon Wheat Kings only had two picks in the 2012 draft. Both were second rounders and flopped, landing the Wheat Kings in the poor performer category. For the record, those selections were Matt Finn at 42 and Dillon Fournier at 49.

The Montreal Millionaires were the happy owners of the first overall selection in 2021. They didn’t get their happy ending though, as they parted with Nail Yakupov without a handshake. This first selection pretty much defined the rest of their draft. Out of three second round picks, their only pro was Pontus Aberg. Their best remaining asset from that draft is Jyrki Jokipakka, their last selection at 113.

In 2012, the Kansas City Krunch tried hard to compete with the Millionaires for the worst return out of a bunch of picks. The Krunch had two firsts, one second rounder and two third rounders in that draft, with four other picks from the fourth to the seventh. What can they show for their draft? With the 4th overall selection, Ryan Murray has been a real disappointment. Then, out of all the other selections, the second-best player to emerge was Charles Hudon. According to sources, the Krunch have gone through therapy to try and erase that episode from their memory.


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