Edmonton Supersonics 2021 Draft Review

Deputy Commissioner Franceschini may have been pulling his hair out over how the event unfolded, but GM Franceschini did some tidy work on the draft floor.
by Kent Clark | September 28, 2021, 1:59 AM ET

Moonlighting as Deputy Commissioner, Draft Day tends to be a busy one for Edmonton Supersonics' Owner/GM Mike Franceschini. In addition to running his own team's draft table, he is jointly responsible for ensuring that the draft itself runs smoothly. Sunday in particular was a difficult day as proceedings were derailed by technical issues that ultimately could not be overcome. 

"This was particularly disheartening considering the amount of preparation over the past few weeks to ensure that things would run without a hitch," said Franceschini. "Pretty much the worst possible outcome happened on Sunday. My kids learned a few new word combinations, to be sure."

But once the Draft was finally underway under improvised conditions, things went much better for the veteran GM who is trying to rebuild his team without sullying the reputation of the three-time Continental Cup winning franchise.

"We revamped our scouting processes and our Draft Day readiness programme prior to the 2017 Draft, and we have been particularly happy with our performance on Draft Day since then," gushed Franceschini. "We are confident that our internal processes are unmatched in the league, and we are able to maximize our efficiency and ability at the table amongst all of the other distractions of the day. We aren't as readily able to jockey for draft position during the draft, so we have to make the picks we have going in count and we are confident that we are doing that."

Once the draft had finally concluded early Monday morning, the Supersonics had welcomed six new players to the organization.

  • 1st Round (11th Overall) - Cole Sillinger (C): After pre-draft speculation had suggested that the Sonics may target a goaltender with this selection, the draw to Sillinger just proved to be too strong. A shoot -first center with developing playmaking skills, Sillinger is a strong, powerful player who could defy expectations and be ready to step in to the SICHL as early as next year. 
  • 2nd Round (39th Overall) - William Stromgren (LW): An enigmatic winger who seems to be just scratching the surface of his overall potential, Stromgren could surprise in the future. If he's going to make it, it's going to be as an offensive player.
  • 4th Round (97th Overall) - Ethan Del Mastro (D): The GM singled out Del Mastro as a player he was keeping tabs on for some time. "He's a defenseman who does a bit of everything," said Franceschini. "We're going to give him the time he needs to develop properly but he's already a big kid." The odds are pretty good that he will eventually see SICHL playing time, which is all you can ask for out of a 4th round selection.
  • 5th Round (126th Overall) - Olivier Nadeau (RW): Another player with outside potential to see SICHL time, Nadeau benefitted by playing on a scoring line in the QMJHL with Mavrik Bourque and Xavier Bourgault. While excelling in all disciplines at the junior level, Nadeau projects as a middle-six/bottom-six SICHLer.
  • 6th Round (155th Overall) - Hakon Hanelt (W): After playing against men in Germany last season, Hanelt will play in the QMJHL for 2021-2022. 
  • 7th Round (184th Overall) - Francesco Arcuri (C): Was loaned to the AlpsHL for 2020-2021 after scoring 20 points in 60 games in his draft minus-1 year for the Kingston Frontenacs. 


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