Jordan Staal Steps Down

He has always been a Huskie , but this year injuries have limited his playing time. Jordan Staal due to this will step down as captain.
by Dave Smith | January 30, 2021, 12:48 PM ET

It is with some surprise, but respect ,the Whitehorse Huskies have been approached by their Captain Jordan Staal.

Jordan going forward feels that it's in the best interest of the team to resign as captain of the Whitehorse Huskies. Jordan explains because of injuries , three in a row , he has been unable to be in the lineup on a consistent basis. Therefore he feels it's in the best interest of the Huskies name a new captain. Always a Huskie since he's been drafted at 18 and always a team leader , once again Jordan thinks team first. The Huskies will name a new captain probably, from the one of their two assistants within the next few days. Mark Stone will be added as an assistant captain once a new captain has been named.

With very uncertain contract status for next year and with all the injuries of this year, it's not clear whether Jordan Staal will be a free agent next year or be open to maybe moving this year. Right now one thing seems clear Jordan has to get better, get healthy and either finish up the season with the Huskies on a positive note or look forward to a new location possibly? 

" We're going to sit down with Jordan and look at where he's at and what his options are and what he feels. We know his health has been of great concern this year and moving forward his future is kind of up in the air.  When he gets healthy, he'll be immediately inserted in the lineup and continue as the shutdown penalty killing star role on our team. " D.R. Morrison.





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