MacInnis enjoys Home Cooking!

Report: Tainted food served to Norsemen GM while visiting his eccentric father's cabin in the woods.
by Tom Baker | December 27, 2005, 6:58 PM ET
Norsemen GM Matt MacInnis recently had Christmas dinner in Port McNeill BC, where he was reportedly overheard gloating about a recent win over the lowly Cougars. What GM MacInnis is about to realize, is that the home cooked dinner he ate while in Port McNeill was actually the same home cooked Christmas dinner that he failed to show-up for three years ago, while attending university in Sackville NB. Sources say that his Mom simply pushed that dinner under the couch, and as Christmas 2005 approached, scraped the green stuff off the dinner, and served the dinner to MacInnis. MacInnis is now scouting the World Junior Tourney, in Vancouver BC. The Island GM should be feeling the effects of the home cooked meal anytime now. MacInnis will probably blame his sore tummy on the "Over priced, Greasy, BC Ferries food" but his Mom clearly is the one to blame. She's been quoted as saying: "I want to teach that little %&$% a lesson, do not put down teams from Scandinavia". Matt's Mom is married to Stockholm GM Tom Baker. (Baker had NO influence over this article, Repeat GM Baker had no influence over this article). "Go Sweden Go" was all Stockholm GM Baker would say. But when pressed, he apparently was overheard commenting (off the record): "Mr MacInnis, your Mom hopes you see some of Sweden's and the USA'S wins while you are in Vancouver, if you black out, due to food poisoning, not mess with Scandinavia!!!!!!"


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