Mustangs Poised to Return to Post-Season

It's been a while, but with fewer than 20 games remaining in the regular season, the Calgary Mustangs' return to the Continental Cup Playoffs seems inevitable.
by Matt Burch | March 17, 2020, 12:00 AM ET

As of the writing of this very article, the Mustangs sit at 4th in the Canadian Conference at 85 points, just one ahead of the (just recently beaten) rival Norsemen.  While rising in the standings isn't out of the question, trying to make up a 4 to 7 point difference against the big three (you know who I mean) at this point in the season seems unlikely.  A 4th to 7th place finish seems the likeliest of scenarios for Calgary this season.

The trading deadline just passed, and the Mustangs remained fairly quiet.  A few moves had been made almost two weeks before with the acquisition of former Mustang Carl Soderberg and defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, while also sending underwhelming winger Michael Frolik on waivers to clear space and salary. Frolik was subsequently picked up by the Hamilton Steelhawks and traded to the Dublin Shamrocks.

Also shown the exit was hotshot defenseman Kristopher Letang.  Kris had arrived as part of a deal with Banff a couple of years back and was a big impact on the back end.  This season, unfortunately, was unkind to Letang as he was injured with a broken leg in mid January and put out for an estimated 3 months (don't do the math).  Just as Letang was eyeing a return, GM Matt Burch gave Kris a call and told him he had been traded.

"You can't trade someone with a broken leg!" Letang allegedly exclaimed.

"I can trade anyone who breaths!"  GM Burch supposedly shot back.

In the end, they let bygones be bygones, and Letang is happy to be in Montreal, his native land where he can speak his native language, and will no longer have to burden his voice with the gutteral utterances of English swine.

So that's it for now folks.  We'll try to get some more stories in before the playoffs.  I think we might all have some more free time on our hands in the near future!


Also, it's only a coincidence that I wrote this story after the Norsemen so that it appears I'm ontop of him there as well.



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