Fire Ants Change Relationship Status to 'It's Complicated' with Pair of Stars

Rask or Stamkos? A look into the mind of Ants GM Norm Donovan as he tries to figure out what to do, and mostly fails.
by Brother Lee Love | March 6, 2020, 10:11 AM ET

Tuukka Rask and Steven Stamkos are both going UFA and I can only keep (at most) one. This already difficult quandary has been made even tougher by the fact that:

(a)   Stamkos was Stamkosing along at a high rate and then Stamkosed himself right onto the IR for the rest of the season. He'll still get a great rerate, but obviously I’d rather he stayed healthy.

(b)   Tuukka has been BLAZING HOT FIRE in net for the Bruins this year and will get a sweet ratings bump next year. No more high 70’s ratings for Tuukka guys, f’realz.

(c)   I'm actually in a playoff spot now and doing well, meaning I can't afford to trade either one without seriously impacting my chances.


So I decided to just keep both and lose one for nothing. This would be the price of playoff success and I was fine with it.

Then, for no good reason, I acquired Jaroslav Halak. Halak is immediately as good or better than Rask, and is signed for one more year. Will he rerate as well of Rask next season? No – but he should be a perfectly viable starter for me.


So now, what do to with Tuukka Rask? Here are my options:

1) TRADE HIM: Get a top value return, roll with Halak this season and next and keep Stamkos as my franchise player.

2) KEEP HIM: Trade Carter Hutton. Have a killer tandem in net for the playoffs. In the offseason, either: (i) franchise Stamkos, lose Rask and keep Halak; or (ii) franchise Rask, lose Stamkos and trade Halak for value.

Which option will I take? I honestly have no idea. Will I continue to trade myself into more confusing situations over the next week or two? Almost certainly. Feel free to post your opinions on what I should do below, which I will read with genuine interest and then immediately discount.


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