Revolution Have The High Ground

Revolution billed as top team entering their 12th year in the league.
by Che Guevara | December 5, 2022, 10:19 AM ET

HAVANA - CUBA  The Revolution are back to take another shot at winning it all in their 12th year in the league. After another very successful season last year, Havana has retooled and look to put together another challenge to lead the World Conference. Although the team lost some talent to UFA, the Revolution come back almost stronger than ever as core players have taken another step forward. Here's a quick look at who's in and who's out in the 2022 Havana Team:  

OUTGOING: Dustin Brown (UFA), Max Pacioretty (UFA), Jake Muzzin (UFA), Nick Foligno (UFA)

INCOMING: Nic Dowd (Trade from Jacksonville), Rasmus Ristolainen (Trade from Acadia), 

Rumours throughout the league are that GM Prozeller is working towards bringing in another top line forward and possible some depth defense. Numerous GM's have confirmed that they have had discussions with Havana but that GM Prozeller has thus far been unwilling to meet their demands. "Sure I've had conversations with other teams. We ideally would like to bring in someone to shore up the second line, and there are players available. But given the at some times laughable prices being asked by some of these GM"s we were not willing to just throw away assets to fill a hole we are not even sure we have yet on the ice. I want to see how this team performs, how our lines gel in real games, and we can go from there on acquisitions."  added GM Prozeller.

When asked if he would be willing to meet current prices should the team show the need, "I can't imagine this team needing help during the regular season and the prices will drop throughout the year as more teams figure out they won't make the playoffs and the market becomes more of a buyers market. We have room for a new Franchise Player next year, with this season expected to be the last for Ryan Suter with us, so we can hold until the trade deadline and see where things take us."   

The Revolution have no shortage of superstars to carry them through the season with the likes of Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Jonathan Huberdeau, Elias Lindholm and up and comer Jesper Bratt. On the backend they have future HOF Brent Burns who is climbing his way to the top of the best defenseman ever to play in the SICHL, and trusty puck stop Connor Hellebuyck

Coach Andreychuk certainly seemed excited about the teams prospects this year "We are in a great position coming into the year, everyone is mostly healthy and our top six is unrivaled in the league. I know we will give any team facing us an extremely tough time."

 The Revolution face off at home for the first time this season tonight against the Reykjavik Riders, a team in a quick rebuild but still holds an unbelievable amount of talent. Although there will not be many new faces in the Revolution locker room this season there will be a new public face for the team as they have announced a new team spokesman in Ron Swanson. 

Upon tracking down Mr. Swanson (a rather difficult task for what is supposed to be a media spokesperson role) he had this to say:

Che Guevara: Mr. Swanson this is amazing, we are so happy to have a media spokesperson after years of neglect.

Ron Swanson: Yes.....just wonderful

CG: Are you aware of the Havana Revolution tradition of yearly spokespeople? 

RS: 364 days to be exact, I was hired yesterday and already counting down when I can go back to fishing. 

CG: It has been a couple years since the team had someone in this role why you and why now? 

RS: They offered to pay me in the only acceptable currency, gold bricks. You simply don't turn down gold bricks. 

CG: Fair enough, so what are your thoughts on this years team? Are they a contender? 

RS: Im told this team will give 110% to win this year, but I don't believe in that. 110% is impossible only idiots recommend that

CG: Pretty sure every team is giving 100% Ron, so what makes the Revolution special. Guess we are relying on luck?

RS: Luck is a concept created by the weak to explain their failures. There is no luck, there are only three ways to motivate a team: money, fear and hunger. We will employ all three in whatever means necessary. 

CG: That's quite an elaborate coaching method, are you certain it will work? 

RS: Sure as death

CG: How did you like the season opener against the Boston Colonials, a good win to start the year?

RS: Something must be wrong with the schedule, they accidently matched us up against a team that the teams we beat are supposed to beat. I have to talk to someone about that.

CG: OK well Ron you seem a little agitated maybe we will come back again later to chat again

RS: If you need anything at all, too bad. Deal with your own questions yourself like an adult. 

And with that the Havana Revolution open the doors to the Castro Memorial Garden at 5pm tonight giving fans lots of time to visit the Cohiba Cigar Lounge and REVOLUTION bar ahead of tonight's season home opener. 

 Words of Revolt

  • Olen Zellweger (Drafted by Havana 1st Round 2021) is having another phenomenal year with 25pts (10G 15A) in 21 OHL games and is leading his team in defensive scoring.   

  • Thomas Harley (Drafted by Havana in the 1st Round 2019) has 10pts (4G 6A) in 22 games in the AHL to lead his team in scoring as a defenseman. 

  • Roni Hirvonen and Jani Nyman (Drafted 3rd Round 2020 and 2nd Round 2022) both are having successful seasons in the Liiga with 10pts in 20games the former coming off an impressive showing at the World Juniors with 7pts in 7 games. 

"One Revolution is like one cocktail, it just gets you organized for the next." ~ Will Rogers

¡Viva La Revolucion!


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