Cougars prospects at the WJC2018

Cougars drafted 5 players currently competing at the 2018 World Junior Tourney.
by Mia Churchill | December 31, 2017, 1:09 AM ET

Brett Howden TEAM CANADA.  Has played well, but  has spent a bit too much time in the SIN BIN.  Scored 2 versus Denmark.  C+

Maxsim Sushko TEAM BELARUS.  Teams top point getter, very happy with the pick. Grade "B"

Joni IKONEN Finland.  One goal after first 3 games......OK with the pick, Finland is not a top tier team this year (ouch if this is wrong) Grade "C"

Artur Kayumiov Russia.  ONE of the the tournys leading scorers......A-

Urho Vaakanainen FINLAND.  Hoping This High draft pick pans out......hmmmm  B+/-



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