Huskies Announce Major Deal

With the expansion draft looming and the Huskies not scoring , a major deal was in order.
by Dave Smith | November 17, 2017, 11:23 AM ET

To Whitehorse:  BOS 1st 2020  BOS 3rd 2019  Vincent Trocheck  Curtis McElhinney

To Boston:  WHT 2nd 2018  Alexander  Burmistrov  Martin Jones  Karl Alzner

Because of expansion concerns and teams poor start,  the Huskies moved major defense and goalie pieces for a top scorer.

"We have to many kids on the farm that are ready to play," said GM Don Morrison.  "We needed to move a veteran d-man. John Gibson will be clear number one and Mike Condon is backup. Trocheck is a young , fast , scoring two way center. We need a few more goals upfront. The first round pick is a great cupboard stuffer , like money in the bank."

The message has been sent to locker room: win or you may be on the move.


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