Yukon Style

Huskies unveil new look as franchise heads in a new direction.
by Kent Clark | November 26, 2015, 2:00 AM ET

The Whitehorse Huskies have unveiled a brand new logo and uniform for the 2015-2016 SICHL season.

At a special press conference held at the Whitehorse Ice Barn just prior to the season opener against the Calgary Mustangs, Jordan Staal, Drew Doughty and Carey Price were on hand to give fans their first look at the new look.

The new colors are evocative of the Yukon wilderness: green for the forests and vast nature; white for the snow and clean air and white rapids giving Whitehorse its name; and blue for the water, lakes and Yukon river flowing through town.

As the only original six franchise without a banner hanging from the rafters, Don the Huskies felt it was time to signal a new beginning for the franchise. "We're tired of spinning our tires year after year," said Morrison. "We're ready to take the next step and make decisions regarding our franchise that will help us win now. This new look signals a new direction for the franchise. We're coming for the SICHL elite, and I think we're going to look good doing it!"


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