Spartans Move On After Big Trade

Trading Alex Pietrangelo stunned fans and teammates alike, but St. Louis can only keep moving forward.
by Sean Gallagher | November 25, 2014, 12:16 AM ET

Proving once again that truly no one is untradeable in St. Louis, the Spartans shocked fans, players and league insiders alike when they traded all-world defenseman Alex Pietrangelo two weeks ago. According to team insiders, those same folks might not want to get too comfortable - more change could be in the offing for the Spartans.

Spartans GM Sean Gallagher finally broke his media silence recently to discuss the trade, admitting that it was a difficult transaction to make but that, "salary and depth are major concerns for us right now," and that, "we can't be sentimental about players we like when the health of the franchise is at stake."

While Gallagher wouldn't comment on whether any other players are involved in trade talks, sources around the SICHL have confirmed that multiple players have been discussed with multiple teams but that Gallagher, "seems to be scaring off suitors" with his demands. Among those rumored to be available include C/RW Ryan Kesler and even scoring RW Phil Kessel, another player, like Pietrangelo, who was drafted second overall in his draft year by the Spartans. Rumormongers around the league suggest that defensemen Kevin Klein, Marc Staal and defensive forwards Eric Fehr and Jerrod Smithson have all been discussed with opportunistic parties.

"It's pretty obvious that a few of those guys are going to get moved," said one anonymous source, "It's just a matter of when. Don't be surprised if a couple of the big boys get moved soon and some of the middling guys get shuffled around near the trade deadline. The Spartans are finally unloading some contracts they needed to move and you can expect that to continue until they get into the black."


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