Mustangs Year in PReview

Join me for the only time of the season the Mustangs will have high hopes!
by Matt Burch | November 14, 2014, 10:04 PM ET

Calgary, AB - It's that time of the year again.  Where the sound of a blade slicing across ice is akin to baby laughs for some, and the sight of children tugging at their parents for yet another hot dog or a stick of cotton candy spreads warmth in an otherwise chilly environment.  It's also time to mull over the Mustangs' off-season moves - a time honored tradition comparable to religious self-mutilation or beating oneself over the head repeatedly in the hopes it might make everything seem better.

We hear it year after year, "This season, we should be-," blah blah, says GM Burch.  The fact is he expects things to be better, but usually end up worse.  Last season, the Mustangs were lucky to get as close as they did to a playoff berth, for all the good it would have done them.  So something had to improve, right?  Not so fast!  This is, after all, the GM  who went on safari for four months while his previous team floundered and folded.  Many wonder what he had over the Commisioner to even let him back in the league, but I digress...

For posterity's sake, lets take a look at the off-season moves made by our favorite horse related team:


Free Agent signings

Pierre-Marc Bouchard 

Dave Steckel (now gone via waivers)

George Parros (yet again)

David Dziur-whoski

Willie Mitchell

Jay Harrison

Erik Cole

Tim Thomas

Aaron Johnson

Keith Ballard

Bobby Butler

Troy Bodie

Ray Whitney

Francis Bouillon

Ville Leino


Traded for:

Justin Williams


Through Waivers

Colin Greening

Todd Bertuzzi

Alex Burrows


At appearances, it seems like you could ice almost a whole team with just the off-season moves made by the Mustangs, so that means a lot of new faces.  I'm not sure if that's just weird or completely crazy.  Lets go with crazy.

As for the moves themselves, there is a bit here to like, but after hearing about all the missed opportunities during free agency (in particular Doan and Datsyuk), a Mustang fan needn't delve too deep to rekindle that feeling of disappointment.  Another missed opportunity is the rumor that GM Burch tried to land Russian standout Tarasenko during the off-season, even before the draft.  After the deal was turned down, the GM gave up rather than up the offer.  I have a feeling that little nugget will be yet another ball in the jar of missed opportunities for GM Matt Burch.

As it stands now, the Mustangs have injuries to number one center Tyler Bozak, and forwards Brandon Pirri and Ray Whitney, so the beginning of the season should be an interesting test already for the red and white.  Maybe the inexperienced Ben Bishop will guide them to a solid start as the new, untested number one.


The Mustangs will start their season Friday night in Montreal, and the home opener will be Sunday against the Brandon Wheat Kings.


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