Edmonton Supersonics 2013 Draft Review

The Sonics selected seven players and added a stud center.
by Kent Clark | October 27, 2013, 4:17 PM ET

In the midst of a light rebuild, the Edmonton Supersonics entered the draft in a somewhat undesirable situation: while they held two first round draft picks, they only had five picks over the course of what is deemed to be a deep class.

After a few draft floor deals, including trading the 16th overall pick for David Backes, the Sonics added two 4th and a 5th round pick in exchange for a third round pick two years from now, bringing the total players picked up to 7 and making a solid addition to the pro team. 

Bo Horvat, C 1st round, 8th overall

With the first round pick acquired from the Toronto Titans two years ago for Simon Gagne, the 'Sonics were able to get the player they'd been eyeing since June. 

A strong, powerful center with a soft set of hands, Horvat oozes power forward potential. He was named MVP of the OHL playoffs with 16 goals and seven assists in 21 games. Hoisting the London Knights on his shoulders, he led the charge for back-to-back league championships.

Greg Chase, C 3rd round, 69th overall

This will be a pick that will have armchair GMs talking about for years to come. Drafted nearly 120 spots ahead of his Universal Scouting Service ranking, 'Sonics GM Mike Franceschini stands behind his selection.

"I have it on good authority that there were at least two teams seriously considering taking Greg early," said Franceschini. "We think very highly of him and what he brings to the organization, and hope for great things in the future."

While often noted first for being a pest, Chase is not without strong hockey sense and a bit of offensive flair. He is big with good foot speed and never backs down from a tough battle in the gritty areas of the ice. He is tough to knock off the puck, has good hands, and sees the ice well.

Ryan Kujawinski, C 4th round, 92nd overall

Kujawinski is a physical centerman who possesses dynamic skating ability and a pretty good shot. He is also very good in the faceoff circle. His biggest flaw is consistency. When he is on his game, he is very difficult to stop. However, against more seasoned teams and players, his play is inconsistent.

Calvin Petersen, G 4th round, 108th overall

Ranked as the fourth best North American goaltending prospect in the draft, Petersen posted an impressive 21-11-3 line for his hometown Waterloo Blackhawks in 2012-2013. A quick, athletic, butterfly goalie, Petersen's 2.97 goals against average and .906 save percentage is rather pedestrian, but his play vastly improved at the end of the year. However, Petersen struggled in the playoffs and posted a 4.26 goals against average and .881 save percentage in four games.

Martin Reway, LW 5th round, 136th overall

Slovakian-born Reway is a fiery player that has grit and a good work ethic. His excellent vision, hockey sense, and playmaking skills make him a high end offensive talent, and he reads the play well defensively allowing him to use his stick to break up passes in his end of the rink. He is a small forward will need to gain more strength, size, and physicality to his game in order to play at the pro levels, but he is a high-risk prospect with top-six potential.

Will Butcher, D 6th round, 156th overall

Butcher is a very highly skilled offensive defenseman that has put up solid, consistent numbers at every level he has played. He is a spectacular skater that can be counted on to play big minutes on the power play and when his team needs a goal. He has very strong puck skills and is stellar at making either a first pass to break out of the zone or a last pass to set up a goal. He has a strong shot and is showing improvement in the areas of the game that he is lacking in.

As skilled as Butcher is offensively, his defensive game leaves something to be desired. He needs to improve in his decision-making and his defensive game, while better, is still greatly lacking. He can take too many risks with the puck at both ends of the ice, which is a huge problem, but his offensive game outweighs any negative that he might have on the defensive side.

Gage Ausmus, D 7th round, 184th overall

Ausmus is a defensive defenseman who will never bring you out of your seat but plays the game the right way. He was a quiet leader for the United States National Team Development Program team, shutting down opponent's top lines on a nightly basis. He plays very hard every shift and hits like a ton of bricks, but for Ausmus to make it to the next level, he will have to most certainly improve his skating. He brings very little in terms of an offensive skill set, and while defensive defensemen have their place in the SICHL, Ausmus is going to still need to develop these weaknesses in his game in order to earn a contract.


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