It Was a Record Shattering Night in the SICHL *Updated*

Multiple offensive records are tied, broken and obliterated by the Monarchs, Schooners and Huskies. And now the Gladiators have added to this offensive outbreak
by Michael Oram | December 28, 2012, 9:53 PM ET

Goals, Goals and More Goals!

It was an incredible night in the SICHL with multiple records being tied, passed and simply obliterated.

First up was, James Neal who led his Whitehorse Huskies past the Quebec Cannons in a 9-2 win. A 9-2 win in which he scored 9 points including 7 goals. The 7 goals passing the old record of 5 which had been achieved 4 times previously, including once by Jordan Staal of the same Huskies earlier in the week. Neal’s 9 points were also an SICHL record surpassing Sidney Crosby’s 2009 mark of 7. Potentially lost in all this was his teammate Ted Purcell who’s 6 points including 4 assists put him in the top ten for both categories. Purcell’s plus 7, however, did set a new SICHL record. While, Neal’s and Jordan Staal’s plus 6 tied the old record. It should also be noted that the Huskies have now scored 19 goals in their last two games.

John Tavares of the Nova Scotia Schooners also wanted into the action putting up 4 assists in his teams 9-2 win. Those assists, like Purcell’s, put him into the top ten list.  In a less impressive feat, the Toronto Titans now dominate the worst plus/minus list for worst plus/minus in one game.  With four players going -6 in the game.

Not to be outdone by all the individual feats the London Monarchs crushed a few records themselves in their 15-2 win over the New York Empire. Their 15 goals destroyed the old record of 11 goals in one game set by the same organization back in 2010 when they were the Oslo Vikings. The teams 25 assists also set an SICHL single game record eclipsing the old mark of 21. And of course, the teams 40 game points shattered the old record of 32. All of this done on only 30 shots. Maybe lost in all of this was the performance of defenseman Dan Girardi. Girardi put up 5 assists tying the record for most assists in one game and his 6 points put him on the top ten list for most points in one game.  Like the Titans, it wasn’t pretty for the Empire either with two players reaching the -6 mark.

The only question remaining for this season is how long will these records hold? It doesn’t look like any of these teams are looking to scale back their offensive production anytime soon, so stay tuned as the goals keep pilling up and SICHL goalies everywhere run for cover!


Anything you can do, I can do better!

Just one night after a record setting night the Hamburg Gladiators, and specifically Shea Webber, decided they wanted into the action. In their 9-1 win over the Dublin Shamrocks Webber posted 5 goals and 6 points. Those 5 goals are the most by a defenseman in a single SICHL game.


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