Huskies Make Two Huge Deals

Vegas holiday turns into two big deals. One with the Las Vegas Aces and one with the Ottawa Slammers , Nevada has the Huskies gambling!
by Dave Smith | February 26, 2012, 7:37 AM ET

Two Huge Huskies Deals


Patrick Marleau is headed for the Las Vegas Strip. The Aces are loading up for a mega playoff run , adding superstars left and right. Patrick Marleau is the cream of the crop , the missing peace of the full house championship run. Marleau is by far and away the Huskies top gun , with 54 points in 52 games . Marleau has 27 goals and is leading the league in power play goals with 11.


Coming to the Huskies in this deal from Las Vegas are a mitt full of picks , sending three first round picks and a 3rd round pick to Whitehorse. Oh did we forget ten Million dollars go to the cash strapped Aces. The picks shake down as this , Brandon's first 2012 ( top ten?) , St Louis first 2012 , Las vegas first 2016 , and a Las vegas third in 2016.


" We talked with Patrick and when it became sure resigning him as our franchise player was not a sure thing , we needed to make a move. Ring the phone goes off and it is my old pal from vegas , "gambling Dusty". We can see the move he is making , we like the fact that he is in the world conference , we know he wants to run while Carey Price is hot. The money plays out good for us and this deal sets up another one , so we go for it." GM DR Morrison explains. The fans are going to be very angry at this deal? " Well when they see the total picture , with all the kids we have to make room for up front, I think they will get the picture. This deal had to come together before the franchise player tag , it had to be between teams with the parts to make it work and was in the works for a good week or two. Good luck Patrick and good luck Vegas , we will see you in the final." laughed GM Morrison.


The next big deal brings a veteran goalie from the nations capital. Niklas Backstrom having moved down the depth chart and headed for free agency is headed up North , to call the Yukon his home. Backstrom has agreed in principal to a franchise player contract. The Huskies send back to Ottawa a couple of young guns. From the Ottawa 67's John McFarland a second round pick of the Huskies and 33 player taken overall in the 2010 draft. " We hated to let John go , we feel he was a steal at 33 and that he is producing as advertised , big shot , lots of goals." said Morrison. The second part of the deal was also a sleeper pick. Darren Kramer the tough Peace River native , but turned power forward , goal scorer heads east. Darren is off his 300 plus minute pace this year , instead scoring 19 goals , oh he still has a 160 plus minutes and if you need him he is always there , he has upped his game this year. This deal came together in less than half hour before deadline. Pat was waiting buy the phone and when the Marleau deal wrapped up , bingo , deal two was quickly ironed out. We do not like to deal in our Canadian division , but when we do , a GM like Pat is such a pleasure to deal with. We started the talks on another player and them just made the inquiry about Backstrom , bingo way up North he comes." GM Morrison is very excited about this deal.


" We looked at our team this year and a number of key parts were not on the way we liked. Some of the guys we were counting on were hurt , or having off years and some just have not played to S.I.C.H.L. standards. We know our scoring will be hurt , but with Jordan Staal playing great , back from injury and Marcus Johansson looking like he could stick , we made the deal. We feel that Backstroms goaltending has the best chance for us to make the playoffs , but also pull off an upset or two." explained Gm Morrison. Dave Bolland will get the call from Penticton and will be back up to Whitehorse. James Neal will also be most likely headed back north , once he irons out a few bugs in his game. Alexandre Burrows will now be the one with the greatest pressure , MVP , scoring leader from last year needs to show up?

Karl Alzner is having his name mentioned as the new alternate captain to replace Marleau. I guess to sum it up , when you are the owner and GM you can make these type of big money deals and not have to worry about losing your job , maybe that is the problem?

 Dog Tracks- Huskies traded for Byron Bitz from the London team. Bitz comes back to the Huskies and two 7th rd picks go back to the other way? The same Byron Bitz the Huskies gave away to London at the beginning of the season. When asked about this deal , all GM Donny Morrison would say is " numbers game". The 100 player limit is making for some interesting roster moves.  

CRAWFORD, Corey G 26 $ 650,000


RASK, Tuukka G 23 $1,852,500


LACK, Eddie G 22 $1,750,000


BACKSTROM, Niklas G 32 $2,750,000


Now total for Huskies goalies is $ 7,002,500  




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