Express Put On Show

Huskies take huge loss in oridinal S.I.C.H.L. matchup. Three fights and a kneeing major set the tone for this nasty game.
by Dave Smith | January 24, 2012, 11:45 PM ET

Huge Loss:

  The Whitehorse Huskies flew into Fredericton to face original S.I.C.H.L. member Express.

Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot in the very strong Canadian Conference.

The Huskies and the Express are both teams that were once powerhouses , but are now second tier.

On this day the Huskies were shown in no uncertain terms , that the Express can skate ,

shoot and score with any team in the league.


  Daryl Sutter when interviewed said " We tried to mix things up with a couple , three tilts. They put

on some shooting display , skilful. We need to get on them even more , but on this night we

just did not seem to have the legs. Frans Nielsen scored a nice short handed goal and blocked shots ,

took pucks away and played most of the game short handed. He was a bright spot. Now we move on to

the next game against frontrunner Quebec Cannons. This team has been getting great goaltending. We will

need traffic in front of the net. Ok we will see you back in Whitehorse." The Huskies coach Daryl Sutter

seemed in a very good mood. Well no time to feel sorry for yourself , back to the Yukon and the Canons tomorrow.

Oh and Jordan Staal is getting closer , very good news for the Huskies.  



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