Centers and D-Men; Acadia Fills Holes

10 new players have joined the organization after a hectic day 1 of the SICHL draft.
by Guy Flaming | October 2, 2011, 8:20 PM ET

Acadia began the 2011 SICHL Entry Draft in a state of confusion.

"First... I slept in," said GM Guy Flaming, "It wasn't until my phone started going off with trade requests that I realized what was happening, I just barely got to the proceedings on time."

The Golden Bears made three trades during the draft and selected 10 players, all forwards or defencemen except for one, and the team still holds a ridiculous 17 draft picks for Day 2.

Round 1

(C) Sean Couturier (4th overall) - "I had my heart set on either a center or a defenceman and as luck would have it, this year the top end was full of the," said Flaming, "Sean was the guy I wanted; he's played at the World Junior Championship, he's been a top scorer in the QMJHL for a couple of years already and has the size that our high end players are lacking up front."

(D) Joe Morrow (16th overall) - "This is the compensation we got from Amsterdam for their offer sheet to Jimmy Howard last year," Flaming said, "I wasn't entirely sure that Joe would still be available and actually attempted to try and move up in the round to better our odds. Suffice to say, I'm thrilled that we were able to grab him without having to deal. I think Joe is a fantastic prospect."

Acadia received word that Toronto Titans GM Derrick Roslaniec was open to moving all four of his 2011 draft picks and Flaming was quick to act. The Bears packaged three former 1st round picks plus a throw away netminder and acquired the Titans' 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th rounder selections. The prospects headed to Toronto are Zach Hamill, Alex Plante, Anton Gustafsson and Glenn Fisher.

"Hamill just wasn't developing as I'd hoped after we'd drafted him so I had to make him available this year," said Flaming. "Alex actually played a bit for us last year and did well, plus 6 in 11 games, but you have to give some to get some. We've tried very hard every summer to convince Anton to come to North America but he seems content in Europe so he was expendable. Goaltending is a position of strength and I just can't foresee Fisher ever playing for us."

(C) J.T. Miller (18th overall) - "We used Toronto's pick to add another big, powerful centerman," said Flaming, "He's going to play in the OHL this year but I would have been just as happy had he opted for North Dakota as originally planned. I think J.T. will be a solid addition to our organization."

Acadia then traded the 21st overall pick to Fredericton in exchange for a pair of 2nd rounders. "At this point there were a trio of guys that I wanted to take but felt that I might be able to get all of them in the 2nd round so why not make that deal? It almost worked perfectly. Almost."

Round 2

(D) Scott Mayfield (29th overall) - "Unfortunately I missed out on two of the three guys that I wanted. I actually had to pick between a couple of them at the 29th spot, tried to acquire the 30th pick and couldn't, also took a shot at the 28th pick but couldn't land that one either. In the end, I chose the defenceman going to Denver who I really, really like."

(C) Rocco Grimaldi (35th overall) - "If not for the fact that I had already made 4 picks, I'm not sure I would have taken Rocco," admitted Flaming, "He's obviously very undersized but at some point the skill outweighs the risks. For me, that was right then. He's headed to North Dakota and I won't be surprised if he's there for four years, wins a Hobey Baker and then steps right into our line up."

(D) Joel Edmundson (44th overall) - "It wasn't really planned that was but I noticed a pattern happening; C, D, C, D, C so I went with another D," the GM said, "I liked how Joel came on more and more last year. I think he's just scratching the surface of what he can do. Plus he's 6'5 ."

(D) Ryan Sproul (50th overall) - "My scouting staff said that no one had come father over the course of the season than Sproul and that if the season were another month or two longer, he would have been a first rounder for sure," Flaming said, "I couldn't pass on that recommendation even though it broke the pattern."

Round 3

(LW) Adam Lowry (55th overall) - "Back to the forwards and another big guy... kind of stereotypical I know but Lowry was good last year and impressed me early this year in the WHL," said the GM, "He missed a lot of time last season with mono and still put up good numbers. I expect big things from his this year in Swift Current."

Acadia then traded down from the #60 spot to #72 but was able to add a 5th rounder in 2012 from Quebec. "I knew what Corey was doing, hell, I think everyone knew what Corey was doing today. I was taking an Oil King so I wasn't afraid of him stealing my guy so I thought flipping the pick was a no-brainer."

(C) Steven Fogarty (72nd overall) - "He might be a bit like J.T. Miller actually; another big, strong middleman and that's what we need," Flaming said, "He's either going to end up at Notre Dame with the Irish or he could actually play in the WHL with Edmonton... either way is fine with us. The Irish and the Oil Kings are competitive and will be contenders for the next couple of years at least."

(D) Dillon Simpson (73rd overall) - "Some would suggest that this was a reach pick but this was the youngest player in Division 1 hockey last year and he was at one of the best, deepest teams so barely played," Said Flaming, "Yet he still managed 11 points in 30 games. This year he'll be a top 4 guys for the Sioux and the points will come. He needs to work on his skating but he's gotten a lot better over the last 2 years in that department."

Acadia has a plethora of picks still remaining for the 2011 draft; four in round 4, four in round 5, seven in round 6 and two more in the final round.

"I don't even know if there are 17 players left that we like but we'll grab some on our radar for sure... and we're open to trading some off for picks in the 2012 draft as well. We'll see what happens on Monday."


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