Weeks 22 & 23 - Over the Horizon

And, naturally, Eric manipulating the SIM like a mephistopholean minstrel of mischief! It seems cruel to end this season's Power Rankings on such a cliffhanger - we've still got the Sun Devils, Steelhawks, Huskies, Slammers and the Vipers duking it out for the final few playoff spots in the World Conference alongside the Buckaroons refusing to give the Barons any breathing room. The Revolution and Rockies are in a deadlock with 120 points each with 4 games to go...each. Does anybody else sense a finals rematch? 

Only you, dear reader in the future, will know the answer to that. For those stuck in the present, we've got Weeks 22 & 23 (and a little more) to cover in this, the final Power Rankings edition of the season. Let's GO!


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