As one of the longest-running elite fantasy keeper leagues on the internet, the SICHL endeavors to recruit only the very best for vacant General Manager positions. Only successful applicants will be contacted, while other impressive applicants will be kept on a waiting list for future openings.

Do you have experience in internet fantasy hockey?

If yes, have you been in a league that used SimonT Hockey Simulator (STHS)?

How many other online fantasy leagues are you currently in, if any?

Do you have experience in any type of role-playing (i.e. traditional role-playing games, acting experience, anything "in-character" . . .)?

Do you have any type of journalistic experience?

What are valid reasons for quitting a league?

Please enter your desired team location/name:

Example: Dallas Dynamiters

Please write a short, "in-character" press release about your team, using your desired team name. You may write about any aspect of the team you like.

Please add any other information about yourself here to aid us in our decision. Sell yourself :)

** Only successful applicants will be contacted **