The SICHL, established in 1999, is an online keeper fantasy hockey league in which gamers role-play multiple aspects of managing a professional hockey franchise.

Managers are responsible for all personnel and financial decisions pertaining to the club, including drafting amateur players, signing free agents to contracts, trading players/assets with other managers, and setting ticket prices. Participants are also encouraged to submit game day lineups, write press releases for their teams, and to otherwise be active in the league's online community.

The players on SICHL teams are based on actual NHL players, and are rated on multiple criteria reflective of their real-life performance.

A simulator is used to simulate games between two teams and hypothesize the outcome, with the results posted as complete box scores on the league website. The SICHL simulates one season per year, beginning in the fall and running into early summer.

The SICHL is run entirely by volunteers and no real money is exchanged.