2017 Super Summit + Live Draft! - August 25-26, Edmonton

Join us in Edmonton in 2017!

2017-2018 marks the 20th season for the SICHL, and to recognize this unlikely and momentous occasion, the Edmonton GMs welcome the rest of the SICHL Community to Edmonton to meet, greet, and talk about the game that some of us have been playing for nearly 20 years.

Then, stay for one of the biggest days on the SICHL Calendar—Draft Day—live and in person!

Registration closed!

Early registration is now closed. Please contact Mike directly for last minute registration details.


Is this for real?


Are you out of your mind?

Probably. But we like to think big. We've been running a "Fantasy" Hockey League since 1999, and many of you have been a part of it for well over ten years. SICHL.com has on more than one occasion confused casual internet users into thinking this is a real league. We have a weekly power rankings columnist, an Insider twitter account that is updated regularly, a costulator that is costulating on a regular basis, and a vibrant community of content contributors submitting stories to the site. Trades have been negotiated over the phone after actual scouts have been consulted. The argument could be made that most of us are out of our minds. But based on informal conversations with many of you, the appetite seems to be there to try something like this, so here we are.

All this for a draft?

Not quite. You'll notice that this is a two-day event. Friday will consist of a few fun group events so that everyone can get to know each other a little bit better. We have some great ice-breaking events planned so that by the time the draft rolls around on Saturday, everyone should be familiar with each other.

Why Edmonton?

As of this writing, Edmonton is home to the largest number of SICHL GMs and there are many more within driving distance. Additionally, a strong network of local contacts make it possible to put on the best event for nominal cost.

What is the Registration Deadline?

Although the registration deadline is not until February 2017, we strongly urge you to register as soon as you know that you are coming. This will help with planning and budgeting, and, believe it or not, YOUR presence will help encourage other GMs to join us.

The final go/no-go decision will be made on or around March 1st, 2017, so do not make hotel or flight arrangements until then. If the event is cancelled on this date due to lack of interest, all registration fees will be refunded.

Why the Registration Fee?

Similar to any conference that you may attend as part of your "other" job, there are incidental costs involved in putting together an event like this. We don't want to spoil any surprises by revealing too many details, but rest assured that this is not a "for profit" event, and that every registration dollar will go towards making this a unique experience. If you trust where we've guided the league experience thus far, then you have an idea what you can expect.

What about my family?

We certainly understand that vacation time is at a premium, and that for many of you the idea of travelling for any period of time without family is difficult. One great perk about Edmonton is its proximity (~4.5 hour drive) to both Banff and Jasper National Parks, two of the most beautiful places on the planet.

If you want to bring your family, consider planning a family vacation around the SICHL weekend where you can see some of the finest nature has to offer. While you are busy with SICHL-related activities, your family can enjoy shopping at North America's largest shopping mall, complete with the world's largest indoor amusement park, and an excellent water park.

If you want any more information on what you or your family can do while here, you're welcome to contact Mike and he will try to point you in the right direction.

Why is it almost a year and a half away?

This is a unique event, and probably a difficult sell to family members who don't understand what the big deal is. We wanted to give everybody as much of a heads up so that interested parties could plan and budget well in advance. We did not want to drop this on everyone at the last minute.

Who's coming?

Since we're so far away from the date, the only confirmed attendees are Commissioner Mark MacRae and Deputy Commissioner Mike Franceschini. As registration fees are paid, the list of confirmed attendees on this page will be updated.

Will this be an annual event?

Nope. It's taken us 20 years to make the decision to do this once, and it will likely be another 20 years before deciding to do another one. While anything is possible, we are considering this a "Once in a Lifetime" opportunity.

Can I still be part of the draft even if I can't make it to Edmonton?

Of course! The entry draft will continue to be run as it always has been, but you won't be having nearly as much fun as the rest of us.

Confirmed Attendees

  • Mark MacRae
    Mark MacRae
    GM, Fredericton Express | SICHL Commissioner

    Mark formed the SICHL in 1999 with his brother Kirk after growing frustrated with the number of fantasy hockey leagues that would fail shortly after their inception. He has simmed games daily during the SICHL season for the better part of 17 seasons. Mark also is General Manager of the Fredericton Express, an original six franchise that finally won its first Continental Cup in 2013. Mark currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Mike Franceschini
    Mike Franceschini
    GM, Edmonton Supersonics | SICHL Deputy Commissioner

    Mike joined the SICHL prior to the first-ever dispersion draft in 1999. At the time, his career in web development was just taking off, and before the end of the first season, he had volunteered to re-design the league website. Shortly thereafter, he met Commissioner MacRae in person while visiting Ottawa, Ontario, and so started a partnership that continues nearly twenty years later. Mike's Edmonton Supersonics have reached the Continental Cup finals a record four times, and was the first franchise to win three championships. Mike lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Matt Burch
    Matt Burch
    GM, Calgary Mustangs

    Although Matt was part of the original SICHL Dispersion Draft, his 4-year sabbatical from the league means that he is not technically considered an original six franchise. Initially recruited by Kirk MacRae, he was once the league's mystery boy, withholding his real name. Matt was eventually re-recruited by Commissioner Mark MacRae when a franchise opened up in 2005. Matt lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Ian Constable
    Ian Constable
    GM, Banff Rockies

    Ian brings the perspective of a rookie GM to the Summit, having yet to manage his new franchise for even a single game. His new franchise will be borne of dispersion of the Toronto Titans and Winnipeg Falcons franchises, and will begin play in 2017. Ian lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Bryce Crittenden
    Bryce Crittenden
    GM, Vancouver Vipers

    Bryce's Vancouver Vipers joined the league along with the Havana Revolution as part of the 2010 expansion, and made it to the second round of the playoffs during their inaugural season. In his spare time, Bryce is the Commissioner of the Yahoo!-based FHA. Bryce lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Norm Donovan
    Norm Donovan
    GM, Philadelphia Fire Ants

    The original villain of the SICHL, "Lowball" Norm has managed the Fire Ants to one of the most dominating overall records since inheriting the original New York Empire in 2000. Norm's 'Ants have qualified for the postseason in every year but one, winning the Continental Cup in 2011. Norm lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Guy Flaming
    Guy Flaming
    GM, Acadia Golden Bears

    Guy joined the SICHL in 2005 and has been pillaging draft picks from unsuspecting GMs ever since. He owns the record for most Continental Cup championships with four, and his Golden Bears are one of the most successful and abhorred franchises in the SICHL. He currently hosts "The Pipeline Show" - a hockey prospect podcast produced twice weekly. Guy lives in Villeneuve, Alberta.

  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher
    GM, St. Louis Spartans

    One of the original six franchises, Sean's Spartans were formerly known as the Chicago Cardinals and the Chicago Buccaneers before relocating to the GM's hometown of St. Louis. Sean's contributions to the league over the years helped establish the SICHL as a league of engaged GMs, first as the author of the regular Rumor Grinder column in the league's formative years, and even assuming simming responsibilities for the 2003-2004 season while Mark lived on a cruise ship. Sean's assistant GM is his son, Liam, who was not even born when his father joined the league. Sean lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Kasim Husain
    Kasim Husain
    GM, Montreal Millionaires

    "Kaz" is currently in his second stint as a GM in the SICHL, having previously managed the Oslo Vikings from 2006 to 2011 before re-joining the league after a one-year hiatus with the expansion Montreal Millionaires. Kasim lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

  • Doug Karnes
    Doug Karnes
    GM, Brandon Wheat Kings (SICHL)

    Doug is one of the esteemed "Original Six" members of the SICHL, where he originally co-managed the Wheat Kings with his son James. Doug is the resident "draft-averse" manager who defies convention and shuns the entry draft, yet still manages to field competitive teams year after year, having won the Commissioner's trophy for best regular season record in 2010-2011. Doug lives in Brandon, Manitoba.

  • Don Morrison
    Don Morrison
    GM, Whitehorse Huskies

    One of the remaining original six GMs, Don the Huskies holds the dubious distinction of being the only member of that group yet to win a banner for his franchise. Constantly retooling his team into a dark horse threat, Don hopes to one day soon find the missing ingredient to a Continental Cup Championship. Don lives in Penticton, British Columbia.

  • Dustin Nielson
    Dustin Nielson
    GM, Las Vegas Aces

    Dustin joined the SICHL in 2006 and his Las Vegas Aces have reached the Continental Cup Final three times, yet the ultimate prize still eludes him. In his spare time, he co-hosts the morning show on TSN 1260 radio in Edmonton. Dustin lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

  • Michael Oram
    Michael Oram
    GM, London Monarchs

    Michael joined the league in 2011 when he assumed control of the Oslo Vikings franchise before relocating to London. A regular at the quasi-annual St. Augustine Summit, he applies a statistical-based approach to team management, which has yet to yield positive results. Michael lives in Surrey Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Jeff Prozeller
    Jeff Prozeller
    GM, Havana Revolution

    Jeff's Havana Revolution entered the SICHL in 2010 as one of the league's two most recent expansion franchises. In his spare time, Jeff "costulates" the financial side of the SICHL, providing a unique insight into the league's franchises. Jeff lives in Kingston, Ontario.

  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider
    GM, Nova Scotia Schooners

    Eric took over the Nova Scotia Schooners in September of 2005, the week before he met his wife, making the SICHL his longest functional relationship. A regular on the pre-season rankings video, he is probably the only GM in the SICHL with an actual replica of his team's jersey. Eric lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Henry Skey
    Henry Skey
    GM, Hamburg Gladiators

    Henry joined the SICHL in 2004 after inheriting the Gwinnett Gladiators. Henry is a regular contributor to the SICHL Community via his Power Rankings column, and his video instalments have upped the bar when it comes to producing high-end content for the SICHL. Henry lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie
    GM, Dublin Shamrocks

    Ryan joined the SICHL in 2012 when he took over the Moscow Reds and immediately re-located the franchise to Dublin. Ryan lives in Ottawa, Ontario, and is not a lawyer.