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League Condemns Stratospheric Ticket Prices

by J.J. Jameson | November 26, 2018, 7:59 PM ET

Responding to intense fan pressure from southern Ontario, the SICHL responded today by setting the first ever maximum ticket prices league-wide.

"I don't accept the argument that teams in the so-called Golden Horseshoe have a TRADITION of playing in front of rich elites in mostly empty buildings" said an impatient Commissioner Mark MacRae. "That's absolute [trash]. When rich [old men] are the only ones going to games, I feel we have a problem."

"Our game is about families enjoying our games and enjoying them live. In an environment where the regular hockey fan is already hurting financially, the SICHL is committed to providing affordable family entertainment."

Box offices were contacted directly by the league with a memo instructing them on the new maximums as well as strict instructions to offer fans the ability to exchange their tickets for upcoming games and be refunded the difference in the case where the original ticket was purchased above the new maximums.


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