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Letter from The Editor: Why I founded The Fanatic

by Eric Schneider | November 20, 2018, 1:41 AM ET

Thirteen years ago, I cautiously informed my new girlfriend that I'd joined a hockey league with an old friend.  "Oh, that's great," she said.  "Where do you play?"

I think you know where this is going.

Thirteen years later, I'm with the same amazing woman, in the same amazing league, with a daughter and a shiny Schooners jersey to show for it.

I know that I'll never find another league like this elsewhere.  It's a unicorn.  An unbelievably nerdy unicorn, replete with a benevolent dictator/boatman commissioner, a tech-guru/designer/web-monkey deputy commish, and 26 of the oddest hockey-loving characters I could hope to know.  You guys are the best.

So, why am I buttering you up?  Well, I'm hoping for your interest.  I'm counting on your participation.  And, if nothing else, I'm asking for your attention.

Welcome to The Fanatic, a place for us weirdos to get even weirder.

There will be analytics articles describing league events in excruciating detail.  There will be GM profiles and interviews.  There will probably (definitely) be some memes and Twitter recaps.  I hope there will be pieces I couldn't have dreamt up, because, with any luck, this will encourage some of my fellow SICHL junkies to join me in putting their own little stamp on this thing.

"But Eric, we already have a news feed.  What's different about The Fanatic?"

Great question, anonymous reader.  The Fanatic is, first and foremost, edited.  I'm putting my name on this, so I get final say before an article gets published.  There are no minimum-length standards I'm adhering to, nor do you need to write like a Pulitzer winner, but anything we're publishing should pass muster.  On that note, I'm more than happy to work with folks -- I don't get many opportunities to dust off the ol' B.A., but this feels like a good opportunity.

Additionally, content will be curated.  If you're interested in writing something, please e-mail with your idea.  This project is being supported by Mike and Mark on the basis that it's substantially different from the usual news feed, and the primary differentiator is that Fanatic articles should be about broader or unusual topics.  So, individual team prospect reports or series recaps are still best done on the news feed, but if you want to write on your division, conference, or the entire league, then this may be the place for you.

Lastly, on the off-chance this is tapping into an unmined vein and I get 28 e-mails tonight, please note that stories will be published only intermittently and infrequently.  We want this to feel like a fresh and meaningful addition to the site, and we also don't want it to drown out everyone's important team-based articles, and I feel that's best done by taking our time with it.

Please show your support by subscribing to our new Twitter feed @TheFanaticSICHL, or by commenting below. Otherwise, I'll look forward to receiving your story pitches.  Thanks for reading -- here we go!


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