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Spartans To Unveil Third Jersey

by Sean Gallagher | November 4, 2018, 11:23 PM ET

The plan had been to reveal a new third jersey to celebrate the team's 10th season in St. Louis, but SICHL headquarters had other ideas.

"We approached the league about celebrating ten years in St. Louis with a new jersey," said GM Sean Gallagher, "But at that point the SICHL XX celebrations were underway and one of those ideas was to honor the original franchises with throwback jerseys. Obviously, we loved that idea, too, so our idea had to go on the back burner."

The Spartans wore those Chicago Cardinals throwbacks ten times last season and their fans and players reacted so positively to them that the team continues to sell them in the team store and to honor them on their website and elsewhere. This year's new jerseys, now honoring 11 years in the Gateway City, seem destined to be every bit as popular based on early reviews from the players and the team's go-to marketing research group: the superfans known as The 300. The 300 are largely made up of the longest-standing season ticket holders, team bloggers and social media influencers and other fanatics who regularly sell out the 300 section of The St. Louis Arena, the notoriously rowdiest section of the home rink.

"Their reports were almost unanimously positive," said Gallagher, "Which is hard to do with that group. They love to shoot it straight when it comes to the team, so if they really didn't like them, we would have heard about it."

The new jerseys will be revealed to the general public at the Spartans home opener and they will be worn ten times this season, mostly on Saturday nights or against traditional rivals.

New Spartan and well-known fashionista P.K. Subban would be what you'd call an early-adopter, saying, "I can't wait to show these fans what they look like. When I come running out of the tunnel, I know I'll be hearing a roar from the crowd."


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