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2018 SICHL Entry Draft Lottery Results

by Kent Clark | September 7, 2018, 12:05 AM ET

*CORRECTION* The draft order as initially reported was incorrect. It has since been corrected, with the Conference Finalists now picking 26th and 27th. 

*CORRECTION* The Acadia Golden Bears have moved from the 23rd to the 21st selection in each round. This fixes what appears to be a sim glitch.

*CORRECTION CORRECTION* The "sim glitch" has been validated and there was no glitch at all. The regular season divisional champs select after all other playoff teams, as per NHL rules. Rules 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 have been updated to accurately reflect the sim outputs. SICHLHQ sincerely regrets the error.

The lottery to determine draft position for the 2018 SICHL Entry Draft took place tonight via live stream, and three team GMs are going to bed with large smiles on their faces.

The Hamburg Gladiators, who entered the lottery with the second-best odds of winning the lottery (12.4%) won the lottery and will now have the chance to draft highly touted prospect Rasmus Dahlin.

"We're beyond thrilled," said Gladiators General Manager Henry Skey. "We've never had a pick this high and we're confident our first overall will have an immediate impact."

When reminded that the first overall pick will be ineligible to play for an entire season, Skey repeated himself. "Immediate. Impact."

The second pick belongs to the Montreal Millionaires, who had the third-best odds at 10.6%, tied with the expansion Seattle Grunge.

The biggest jump in the draft belongs to the Vancouver Vipers, who moved from sixth to third. 

The Banff Rockies, who finished the 2017-2018 season with a league-worst 46 points (tied with the Gladiators, but awarded last place due to fewer regulation/overtime wins), had the best odds of winning the draft (18.5%) but will drop to 4th place. 

Rockies General Manager Ian Constable was surprisingly upbeat when reached for comment. "The Banff Rockies are very happy to be drafting in the top four as we feel there are four extremely strong prospects in this draft. All four we believe will make a large impact very soon. We are extremely excited for draft day! Super excited! Like, really excited!"

The final order for the first round is now set. 

  1. Hamburg Gladiators
  2. Montréal Millionaires
  3. Vancouver Vipers
  4. Banff Rockies
  5. Seattle Grunge
  6. Fredericton Express
  7. Chicago Tigers
  8. London Monarchs
  9. Brno Barons
  10. St. Louis Spartans
  11. Edmonton Supersonics (via Dublin Shamrocks)
  12. Toronto Metropolitans
  13. Hamilton Steelhawks (formerly Quebec Canons)
  14. Edmonton Supersonics
  15. Edmonton Supersonics (via Calgary Mustangs)
  16. Ottawa Slammers
  17. Whitehorse Huskies
  18. Reykjavik Riders
  19. Vancouver Island Norsemen (via Stockholm Cougars)
  20. Nova Scotia Schooners
  21. Banff Rockies (via Las Vegas Aces)
  22. Banff Rockies (via Boston Colonials)
  23. Acadia Golden Bears
  24. Havana Revolution
  25. Philadelphia Fire Ants
  26. Hamburg Gladiators (via Denver Rapids)
  27. Vancouver Island Norsemen
  28. Whitehorse Huskies (via Brandon Wheat Kings)
  29. Kansas City Krunch

The 2018 SICHL Entry Draft draft takes place live on on Saturday, September 22nd at 2:00PM Eastern Time.


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