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Rallying Cry

by Che Guevara | January 9, 2018, 5:28 PM ET

December was a month to forget for the Revolution, who barely treaded water and lost as many games as they won. The team just couldn’t stay healthy or find the gel that got them off to such a great start this season. Not willing to watch the team fall into the abyss coach Gilmour shook the lines multiple times trying to boost production but just couldn't seem to get things going. 

"The big problem for us was keeping the puck out of our own net. Peks played great at the start of the year but in December we kind of just took it for granted and left him out to dry." noted Gilmour. 

Havana, after the epic purge that was 2012, has been notably quiet in the trade front, not making any major deals and tinkering around the edges if at all. However GM Prozeller has been vocal about a shakeup to bring some missing pieces to the team. It was well noted that just prior to the self imposed Holiday roster freeze, he was actively trying to find a deal although nothing seemed to materialize. 

It wasn't much into the New Year when Havana's phones began ringing again. GM Prozeller said he had genuine trade talks with 13 teams in the past week. It appears as though those conversations have begun to pay off as the Revolution have made a couple deals. 

The first saw defensemen Tobias Enstrom and Kris Russell come from the Vipers in exchange for project defensemen Anthony DeAngelo and goaltender Adam Wilcox. Havana then turned around and dealt Enstrom along with Jake Gardiner to the Shamrocks for a stockpile of picks (2nd, 2x 3rds) and prospect Adam Brooks. The revamp of the defense also saw Martin Marincin dealt to the Metros for a 4th round pick. 

But the Revolution weren't done there. They made one more deal with their conference rivals, Boston Colonials, by acquiring scoring winger Tanner Pearson for 2nd and 4th round picks and depth forward Steve Bernier. This was a deal GM Prozeller was excited about, "I had been tracking scoring wingers all season even prior to Free Agency that was something we knew we needed. Unfortunately they are hard to come by, we are happy to get Tanner we hope he can grow and find his game in Havana. With the expansion draft coming teams are under pressure to make deals so as to limit their exposure. In this situation we made a deal that was good for both teams." 

A full list of the net In and Out below

IN: Tanner Pearson, Tommy Wingels, Kris Russell, Adam Brooks, 2x 4th Round Pick, 3rd Round Pick

OUT: Jake Gardiner, Anthony DeAngelo, Adam Wilcox, Martin Marincin, Steve Bernier, 7th Round Pick

With Pearson the Revolution further strengthen their top 9. Giving the team tons of different line combinations and scoring threats. At 24 years old, and on a cap friendly contract Pearson will have to find some consistency and the Revolution are hoping he can continue to grow into a top 9 forward. Between the defensive moves and adding a piece on offense Havana has made some substantial moves to try and rally the team and get them back in the win column night after night.

Havana won its game last night against the Boston Colonials where GM's Prozeller and Graves were caught on the arena cameras chatting, obviously working on the deal that saw players swap dressing rooms after the game. Oft frequent trading partners the Colonials and Revolution, dont have the intense rivalry the Revolution have with the Spartans, Hamburgalers, Monarchs, or Boooooogars (the last not due to playoffs but their offer sheet to Captain Tyler Seguin).   

Just before this article went to print we were able to reach GM Prozeller for a quick Q&A session:

Che Guevara: You surprised about the deals in the last 48 hours?

GM Prozeller: Shocked at how easy they came together after a tough go before yes

CG: Do you think the team is better off after the moves? 

GM: I think we are about the same, we made a couple adjustments to player personnel but overall the expectations for this team are the same. Hopefully we gave them a better opportunity to win, but I don't consider anything we did drastic. 

CG: What are your thoughts on having 3 days off between each game the past 2 weeks?

GM: It's a little annoying you can't really get into a rhythm. But I suppose it does give some rest to the players to heal up bumps and bruises. I know Fuzzy Muzzy (Jake Muzzin) is looking forward to getting back on the ice real soon. 

CG: What is expansion draft doing to the trade market?

GM: So far little impact, I think teams are still evaluating what they have, who they could lose, and who they plan to expose. I expect it will really start to pick up in the next couple weeks as we move toward trade deadline. Whether the GM's are taking it into account or not expansion has been affecting every deal since it was announced. Good GM's are already set and prepared. We are ready tomorrow

CG: Any more deals coming for you? 

GM: I highly doubt it...perhaps a depth move if the stars align but this is the squad we will bring to the postseason. It's time to gel the team. 

CG: For almost half way through the season there seems to be good competition among teams, does it feel different this year?

GM: I don't know if it feels different competition wise, I think the SUMM17 really energized GM's and has seen maybe a couple put in an extra effort to make this year special but in general all the GM's want to win, some have different realities on paper but the quest is there for everyone I think. 

CG: Any other general comments...we know you like to go on rants! Is there one inbound?

GM: Haha I don't think I will rant on a subject today. We are still hoping to get the All Star game or draft. But the jury is still out on that. We hear there could be a new process for how the league determines the hosts for these events and I think that would be a nice change. Otherwise things are good in Havanaland...going to go enjoy a swim now. 

"Many a Revolution started with the actions of a few" ~ W. Marsalis

¡Viva La Revolucion!


Words of Revolt

  • Sam Steel (Drafted by Havana 2nd Round 2016) won gold at the World Juniors, ranking 2nd in scoring for Team Canada with 9pts. 
  • Nicholas Merkley (Drafted by Havana in the 2nd Round 2015) is 1st in rookie scoring in the AHL with 34pts in 26 games.
  • Jesper Bratt (Drafted by Havana in the 5th Round 2016) is making phenomenal progress in that other league and will likely compete for a roster spot in Havana next season. 


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