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All Huskies Shuffle to Buffalo , World Jr's Underway

by Dave Smith | December 27, 2017, 1:26 PM ET
NURMI, Markus    Finland
RUBTSOV, German   Russia
ZETTERLUND, Fabian    Sweden
BRANNSTROM, Erik       Sweden
SALO, Robin       Finland
WOLL, Joseph     USA
cut from teams
QUENNEVILLE, David    Canada
LAAVAINEN, Roope        Finland
Sweden has two Huskies prospects , first rounder {22nd} 2017 Erik Brannstrom and forward Fabian Zetterlund . Brannstrom is off to a quick start from his defenseman position with a goal and a assist against Belarus in the first game. "Brannstrom can skate and turn on a dime , oh ya "  beemed coach Daryl Sutter.
Finland has two Huskies in Robin Salo a 2nd rounder on defense and late bloomer Markus Nurmi at forward. Nurmi has a great toway game.was and picked in  round 7 (#196 overall) in the 2016 Entry Draft by Whitehorse Huskies , this long shot is raisng his odds.
Russia has German Rubtsov at center. German is expected to be a leader on this club. The Huskies first rounder had a goal and an assist in Russia's first game.
The USA  net is what  Joseph Woll must guard. Joe is off to a great start in shutting out Denmark in team USA first game , handling all seventeen shots.


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