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Revolution SICHL SUMM17 Results

by Che Guevara | September 6, 2017, 11:26 PM ET

Havana GM Prozeller surviving a presummit summit with fellow GM's Oram (Monarchs), Schneider (Schooners), and MacInnis (Norsemen) after landing in Vancouver, was forced in a twisted version of Planes, Trains and Automobiles to drive 15 hours from Vancouver to Edmonton with fellow GM and fierce rival Mr. Oram of the London Monarchs. "Oh it was an unpleasant drive to say the least. We had to hear all this nonsense about how they shattered the records books in 2013, and how wonderful a 'rebuild on the fly' they are doing. It was typical British sillyness...nonesensical rubbish." added Prozeller. However he finally arrived and was pleased to represent the island of Cuba and the wonderful Revolution fans at the SICHL 2018 Draft Podium.

After some wheeling and dealing GM Prozeller ended up moving back 3 spots in the 1st round and still got their man. 

1st Round (27th Overall) - Shane Bowers (F): Havana had been shopping their 1st round pick for quite some time thinking that the couple players they wanted were going to be gone. When the Revolution saw their player still available they traded back and grabbed him. AGM Sittler was really high on Bowers: “We really liked what Shane had to offer. I know there was a chance he could still be around late 1st round but the deal with Dublin was too good, so when he was still there and we had a chance to get 27 we took it. He wasn't highly sought after by the other GM's we talked to, but we liked his character and think he has more offense in him than he has shown so far. Going to Boston University next season is a good step for him. We think he can be a valuable player to us in the future." Bowers was seen by scouts as a two way player and sort of a safe pick in a very unpredictable boom/bust draft with not a high level of talent in general. The Revolution with many highly skilled forwards were in a prime position to make this pick, and have the time to develop Bowers.    

2nd Round (45th Overall) - Jake Leschyshyn (F): Jake comes from hockey bloodlines but that had nothing to do with why GM Prozeller selected him at 45 overall “We had him on our list with some other forward prospects and in any other year had he not torn his ACL he would have gone earlier. We feel we got great value with this pick and are excited for Jake to get back in the skates and resume where he left off.” Havana seems to have another character guy that plays a more gritty tenacious style than most of their other forward draft picks. 

3rd Round (75th Overall) - Cameron Crotty (D): Havana presented with an opportunity, traded their 3rd round pick in 2018 along with a 7th round pick for an opportunity to grab Crotty. “I had been trying to get picks in the 3rd/4th round for a couple days leading up to the draft and this was one player we were specfically targeting." added Prozeller. "We think he is one player teams will look back on and wish they had grabbed him when they had a chance. He has everything going for him, size, speed, hockey smarts. He needs some more development time but the biggest knock on him seems to be the development route he chose, going through the CCHL isn't popular, but we don't see that as a problem at all. If he was in the OHL he would have gone in the 2nd round for sure" Crotty is playing next season at Boston University with another of Havana's 2017 picks Shane Bowers, where he is expected to build on his consistent postive development.

5th Round (132nd Overall) Alexander Chmelevski (F): Chmelevski was thought to be long gone by this point in the draft.  Pegged to go in the 3rd round Alexander (Sasha) Chmelevski fell in the draft due t his weak defensive play and some inconsistent play. However GM Prozeller thought it was a good reach, "We just thought he had too much talent to pass up on. And by the sighs and swears of the other GM's in the room we can tell there were several other GM's with the same thoughts on him."  Chmelevski obviously needs more seasoning to round out his defensive game, find some consistency and gain a bit of size, but if he can put this together he has top 6 potential without a doubt. 

Next up GM Prozeller and the Revolution make decisions on their RFA’s, which include two previous Revolution draft picks Elias Lindholm and Connor Murphy, before moving on to UFA frenzy! 


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