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Huskies Trade Two Roster Players !

by Dave Smith | August 30, 2017, 9:56 PM ET

 The Whitehorse Huskies have trade veterans Brandon Sutter and Shawn Matthias . Matthias who played three and a half seasons with the Huskies was felt to be in the way of some Huskies young guns. Brandon Sutter was a first round , 12th overal pick in 2007. He played 525 games with the Huskies , plus 66 with the Dawson City 60 Bellows and 23 with the Claimjumpers of Penticton. Sutter scored 88 goals and had 97 assists for 185 points in his time in the Yukon.  With all six uncles and his dad on the Huskies payroll , Brendon may find new life in Brandon. He may take that next step.

Good luck to Shawn and Brandon. 


To Brandon Matthias + Sutter 

To Whitehorse 2019 Brn 2nd + 2019 Brn 3rd



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