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Huskies Trade In Eight Way Deal.....What...

by Dave Smith | August 27, 2017, 3:58 PM ET

Joey Leach has been traded  for because we were looking for a player coach for our ECHL team the , Dawson City 60 Bellows.

Hamburg was Joey's last team , but to aquire him the Huskies had to send one time hot prospect,  towering Taylor Doherty.

Taylor was a star with Claimjmpers a few years ago until a  knee injury  slowed him down

,So in the much faster SICHL he was like a pilon.

 Now Doherty is on his way to London and the 60 Bellows tweeted they will save tons of cash on team meals.

" We had to shoot an extra moose just to feed him last year." said unnamed team financial officer.

" Can't wait to join the Dawson City 60 Bellows. Love cold weather almost as much as beating up opposing teams." Said Joey.

Well the eight player deal has to be an SICHL record. Summitt 17  was a trading frenzy. Hereis the deal.

To Whitehorse

Joey Leach  (HGB)
To Monarchs
Taylor Doherty (WHI)
To Spartans
Bryce Van Brabant (LON)
To Revolution
Garrett Noonan  (STL)
To Mustangs
Jeremy Morin (HAV)
To Millionaires
Dan Desalvo  (CGY)
To Schooners
Jean Dupuy (MTL)
To Gladiators
Scott Sabourin  (NS)


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