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Guns Ablaze

by Che Guevara | March 19, 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Two points out of top spot in the World Conference, the Havana Revolution are 1st in the tightest division in the SICHL. Playoff hockey looks all but certain for the Island hockey nation. With rookie hockey sensation Connor McDavid leading the way (28G 36A 64pts), he is 3rd in league scoring and is leading all rookies.

Captain Tyler Seguin has just returned after missing 11 games and the Revolution have struggled without him, just trying to stay afloat.  However with his absence GM Prozeller and coach Gilmour noticed how thin they were in terms of forward depth. The team had to double shift forwards like Brian Gionta and even tried to pull defenseman Brent Burns to the forward core in a failed 2 game experiment. I'm trying to find team spokesman Donald Trump for team comment, but before I can find him I run into the management offices.

"I realized that in order to win in this conference we couldnt rely on our defense and goaltending. We needed to bolster the rank up front and add some firepower." revealed GM Prozeller "We had been poking around for quite a while this year tryng to add a foward that has some scoring abilities. We had conversations with several GM's and actually thought we had something done, only to find that it fell apart at the expense of other deals."

GM Prozeller is likely reffering to a notion of the misreported trade by the SICHL insider that had forward Bryan Little coming from the Aces, however that never materialized. They finally did get their forward help in a series of last minute deadline deals which brought Jason Chimera and Jarret Stoll in and saw old standby Tommy Wingels and young up an comer Logan Shaw, along with defensive project Eric Gelinas shipped out. 

"The most important part for this team was that we didnt significantly alter our roster and long term plan. So many of the teams we talked to were after substainal pieces of our team for rental UFA's. It was kind of amusing, like how desperate do these teams imagine GM's are to win?" added A/GM Sittler. Havana was steadfast in holding the line on trading away key pieces for short term help, the team even tweeted the morning of trade deadline that "...nothing is close. Phones are silent" Only to line up a couple deals later in the day. Chimera and Stoll are not blue chip help but they are additional pieces that the coaching staff now has an extra couple guns in the armery that hopefully they can deploy at the right times. 

On my way out of the Revolution team offices I hear someone rambling on "This is all part of the plan" indicates Trump, from behind this cardboard podium "you know we here in Havana haven't been given a fair shake, people tell me this all the time, that well and we all know that Havana is the best city on the planet. It's well documented, and remember that GM Prozeller is the greatest GM in the league, he has won multiple Continental Cups, and these guys in the locker room are all top 10 in scoring, so they are by far in 1st place in the league and all other teams can do is lose to them, they all lose folks...its just remarkable how great they are playing!"

When I remind him that virtually none of this is true, GM Prozeller and Sittler run over shaking their heads and close the door to his padded office, uttering "we apologize, we know he's supremely unqualified for this job but at least he can't do any real damage."

Havana takes on the rival Ottawa Slammers tonight in hopes to make a bid for 1st in the World Conference and then ride that wave into the playoffs. The team is lining up for it's 2nd straight playoff appearance which is a testiment to GM Prozeller's team building approach. To all the Revolution fans out there remember, stay Rebel Strong!   

"Real Power grows out of the barrel of a gun." ~ Mao Tse-Tung

¡Viva La Revolucion!


Words of Revolt

  • Sam Steel (Drafted by Havana 2nd Round 2016) is leading the WHL with 131 points in 65 games. 
  • Parker Wotherspoon (Drafted Havana in the 3rd Round 2015) is Top 5 in defensive scoring in the WHL
  • Michael Spacek (Drafted Havana in the 4th Round 2015) is having a great year in the WHL with 85 points in 58 games. 
  • Samuel Montembeault (Drafted Havana in the 3rd Round 2015) is a Top 3 Goaltender this year in the QMJHL
  • Frederic Allard (Drafted by Havana 3rd Round 2016) is Top 3 in scoring for defensemen in the QMJHL with 65 points in 63 games. 
  • Garret Sparks (Drafted Havana in the 7th Round 2011) is a Top 5 Goaltender this year in the AHL


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