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Huskies Draft 2016

by Dave Smith | September 26, 2016, 2:52 PM ET
22 Tage Thompson
At 6'5 and still growing , its the hockey sense thats makes this big man a offensive threat. Will play a second year at Univ. of Connecticut , were he is filling out his huge frame and score sheets. Father: Brent Thompson, Brother: Tyce Thompson
27 German Rubtsov
"He is a very strong skater with excellent acceleration and balance. But mix in his mobility with strength and tenacity, and you get a coach’s dream. Rubtsov is a “big play” center who preys on the weak, and his superior playmaking ability and vision enables him to be used in key situations regardless of which end of the scoreboard his team is on. He’s an extremely competitive leader who will involve himself physically if the game is in need of a momentum shift. " Huskies scout.
71 James Greenway
Little brother of Jordan Greenway  drafted last year by Huskies , well over 6'4 and still growing , not so little. Will be a force at Univ. of Wisconsin this year. Also plays team USA.
78 Joseph Woll
Big goalie 6'3 played for team USA. Great  numbers  USA U18 WJC-3 games 1.34 .947
83 Evan Cormier
Big goalie did well for team Canada.  Tons of rubber and games for weak Saginaw Spirit team , will play there this year again.
162 Ty Ronning
Dad was Cliff Ronning who played for Huskies in the 2003 -2004 season. A small but industrious speedster that always seeks to be engaged in the play. Skates very well and has the shiftiness to avoid being rubbed out. Isn't afraid of physical play, but knows his role as an offensive catalyst and plays to his strengths. Excellent hands and hockey sense. Only knock is his size, but that doesn't impede his compete level. Possesses the fundamental skills and natural goal scoring instincts that make the players around him better.
168 David Quenneville
Small super skilled dman , has been team Canada regular and runs Medicine Hat Tigers powerplay. Brothers: John Quenneville, Peter Quenneville Second cousin: Joel Quenneville Uncle (by marriage): Johnny Boychuk
181 Dean Stewart
Good size at 6'2 and smart kid , going to play for Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha this year.
192 Brett McKenzie
McKenzie can be described as a smart defensive forward who skates well and is excellent on the draw. He is not overly physical, but is overall awareness in all 3 zones is coveted.
196 Markus Nurmi
"Sleeper pick , this Finnish flash is a keeper. Big , super fast , but way to skinny . At 6'3 168 lbs  all he needs is fill out. Then look out , he will put up numbers again this year. He may turn out to be a first rounder in a redraft 5 years from now." said DR Morrison. Big words for a last pick over all.


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