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Havana Invests Heavily in Defense

by Che Guevara | September 21, 2016, 9:38 PM ET

The Revolution begin the 2016/17 season with the SICHL Entry Draft after a defeat in the first round against now archrival the Hamburg Gladiators. The team made several steps to acquire additional picks in the draft, which included a few cash for picks deals and culminated with a deal which saw prospect Kyle Wood go to the Barons for 2nd and 4th round picks. Havana ended up making 11 selections which we examine in depth now:

1st Round (17th Overall) - Jakob Chychrun (D): The first half of the 1st round was unpredictable beyond the top 5 picks. The Revolution had their sights set on getting some top end talent but were shocked when Chychrun fell to them at the 17th overall spot. “We had been shopping our pick to move down not expecting one of circled picks to still be there. Surprisingly Chychrun was still around, and with the amount of urgent unsolicited offers for our pick it was evident there were several GM’s who felt the same.” said GM Prozeller. Jakob is an elite prospect possessing every skill imaginable.  He is well rounded and ready to make the jump to the SICHL.   

2nd Round (41st Overall) - Sam Steel (C): Steel is  controversial forward prospect. Some see his elite talent, ability to see the ice and create offense in every league he has played. Others see a perplexing set of skills that still need to be put together. Either way the Revolution saw enough in him to take him with the 41st pick. “We had him on our list with some other forward prospects and when he was available at 41 we thought his talent and skills as a complementary type player would work well in Havana” said Prozeller. “We have tons of skill up front so a forward with his unique skill set and vision is exactly what we need.”

2nd Round (56th Overall) - Luke Green (D): With their second pick in the 2nd round Havana took one of several similarly skilled defenders. Luke Green is an impeccable skater with solid offensive vision. But GM Prozeller was adamant that his recent improvements in his own end made him a must draft player for him. “We really were impressed with his recent commitment to the defensive zone coverage. It shows he is expanding his skill set and is that much closer to being SICHL ready. We see him as a 2nd pairing defenseman a couple years down the road. He still has some growing to do but is on the right track.”

3rd Round (72th Overall) - Frederic Allard (D): Allard is similar in style to Havana’s previous pick (Green). Great passer, skater and can really generate offense from the backend. He is a touch behind in development as he still has a lot of growing to do in terms of defensive zone coverage, but the Revolution saw enough to take him as their only 3rd round pick.

4th Round (97th Overall) - Riley Stillman (D): The trend continued with the selection of Riley Stillman. Yet another smooth skating defenseman who makes a good first pass. He has demonstrated all the tools but still has to put them together. “We weren’t trying to pick all defenseman but with some other players we had circled being scooped up earlier than we anticipated we quickly grabbed skilled prospects we liked later and they all happened to be defensemen." Chuckled GM Prozeller.

4th Round (101st Overall) - Cole Candella (D): To finish off the 4th round the Revolution selected Cole Candella, another mobile dman. His stock dropped this year because of an injury last season, but he has all the tools to be successful at the SICHL level. “If he played a full season there’s no way he makes it to 101st. He is a hard hitting, two way defenseman with a great pass, the rest of his offense could use some work though." added GM Prozeller. He could prove to be an effective shutdown defenseman who would play in the bottom pairing.

5th Round (129th Overall) - Jesper Bratt (W): After taking so many defenseman the Revolution finally pick a forward. A project that needs some work Bratt has a solid shot and can do damage offensively. He needs to work on consistency and his play in the defensive zone. “He has a great U18 World Juniors for Sweden and we were happy he fell to us at 129th” added Prozeller

5th Round (132nd Overall) - Tyler Wall (G): At this point GM Prozeller had to fill his quota of one goaltender per year and figured who better to fill that with than a goalie with the last name Wall??!! Wall has upside similar to goalies taken earlier in the draft, however as with all goaltenders, he will need some work and the future is still very much grey. With much heralded prospects Jon Gillies and Connor Hellebuyck it appears the Revolution have time to let Tyler develop.

5th Round (140th Overall) - Yegor Rykov (D): Reykov was an interesting choice at 140 but GM Prozeller saw some value in him “We know he is over in Russia but he has a very fulsome game already and we are hoping to convince him to come play in the SICHL. When we looked at who else was left he seemed like a good risk/reward type with this pick.”

7th Round (176th Overall) - Mathias From (W): The Revolution think they got good value withthis late round pick in From. A player in the SHL who has playe very well for Denmark on the international stage. GM Prozeller laughed when asked about this pick, "We actually thought he was gone when we drafted at 140. It wasn't until we went back through our notes and saw his name that we double checked and realized he wasn't picked. I kept my fingers crossed and was so elated when he was still around at 176, although I must admit I don't know how." Described as a multidimensional buzzsaw his two way game is strong and he could be a great addition to Havana's bottom 6 someday.

7th Round (185th Overall) -  Noah Carroll (D): The Revolution finished the draft by guessed it ANOTHER defenseman. Carroll plays a solid two way game but has a lot of refining to do. A project who will have time to develop.

Next up GM Prozeller and the Revolution make decisions on their RFA’s, which include talented forwards Jonathan Huberdeau, Victor Rask and Ryan Spooner, before moving on to UFA frenzy!  



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