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He's Baaaack

by Ogie Oglethorpe | September 4, 2016, 2:49 AM ET

After a decade absence from the SICHL, Bob Mayhugh has returned as the Owner/GM of the Brno Barons.

Mayhugh spent his time during the absence amassing a great fortune as the owner of a chain of recreational marijuana stores/ restaurants in Denver called Weed and Feed.  "I had to take advantage of a good situation", Mayhugh said when asked about his business. "We serve a lot of Tex-Mex, burritos, tacos, chimichangas, and of. course Twinkies, HoHo's and other uh desserts. Been pretty lucrative so far.  Got me enough capital to purchase the team in Amsterdam.  They were already pretty well set with my type of establishment in Amersterdam, so we moved back to the good old Czech Republic.  Better beer there!"

Mayhugh noted that he was pretty unhappy with the previous ownership/management of the team, stating "I looked at some of the trades they made, as well as their draft choices and had to check to see if the GM was a customer of mine".

Mayhugh said that the Barons are definitely in a rebuild that will probably taken some time.  He is looking to shore up the team in most areas, especially goal.  He stated that it will be good to get back in touch with some of the GMs he faced in the past and to wreak a little havoc back in the hallowed grounds of SICHL HQ.  

Brno is open for business...most players are available for trade if the price is right! 


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