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Millionaires Re-Brand, Hope for Windfall

by Kasim Husain | November 15, 2015, 1:20 PM ET

Montréal mayor Denis Coderre, on a break from overseeing the dumping of 8 billion litres of raw sewage into the St Lawrence River, wore a hard hat and high-vis jacket to join GM Kasim Husain at a hastily announced press conference, where the media had assembled.

"Nous nous inspirons des Millionaires," began Coderre, before switching to English. "This is a team that has always been up for fighting in the trenches, along the boards and in the blue paint, down in the muck. Like our city sanitation workers can tell you, sometimes after you get dirty, you need to dust yourself off, maybe put on a new shirt…"

Coderre trailed off as a red-faced and clearly flustered Husain snatched the microphone away from the pugnacious politician, breathing in deeply before saying, "I think what Mayor Coderre is trying to say is that it's a new day for hockey in Montréal with the best Millionaires team ever assembled, and sometimes a new day requires a new look. So I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the entire Millionaires organization that we have a new jersey for the 2015-16 season."

Adding black shoulder patches to the team's palette of burgundy and white, the new look includes crisp armbands, and a prominent Montréal “M” in place of the former diagonally spelled "Montréal" running down the chest. The jersey represents a blend of tradition and modern design principles, and testifies to the investment ownership has made in bringing some excitement back into the Forum faithful. "Full credit to our crack design team," said the GM. "We couldn't be happier with our new look, and we look forward to watching the competitive squad we'll ice this year wear these jerseys with pride."

"Il suffit de ne pas marcher sur des conduites d'égout dans ces choses pour la semaine prochaine," quipped mayor Coderre as he swiped the microphone back from Husain, before giving the thumbs up, and marching out of the press conference. It's too early to say that the team's brand new image was stained, awkward though the presser was. That is a question that can only be answered on the ice.


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