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28-In-28: Fall of the Titans?

by SICHL Insider | September 18, 2015, 8:26 PM ET

Ok, we are heading to the Big Smoke to check out the Titans! What kind of team do we have here? On the surface it looks like a team that needs to go all Denver Rapids! Not a deep team with very little cash. Let's peel back the layers and see what should be done.


Titan’s current cash position $48k Revenue

  • The team had 84.8% attendance last season which is good for 18th in the league.
  • Toronto generated a little over $61M in non-playoff revenue ranking them 2nd last in the SICHL.
  • Their $3426 per seat places them 18th in the league.
  • Costulator predicts the Titans revenue to increase very slightly this season.
  • Toronto had no playoff revenue last season and Costulator is predicting that does not change this upcoming season.
  • Expected Season Revenue $62M with no anticipated playoff revenues.



Based on the roster here is the Costulators forecast of the Titans expenditures:

  • Current Roster 42.5M, Expected farm team costs 2M.
  • Franchise Player 2M, RFA resignings 10M.
  • The Titans don't have the cash to sign high level UFA's but it is expected they will sign a couple depth forwards. 4M.
  • Expected team expenditures in the $57-60M range.
  • Forecast Bank Balance for the Titans = $3.5M


Unrestricted Free Agents:

Eight of nine players will be ready to test the open market with one retiring due to a heart related issue. Derrick probably signs Jason Chimera using the FP tag to a 1-2 year deal to keep as a depth guy.

Restricted Free Agents:

Fifteen players heading into restricted free agency. Must signs are Patrick Kane, Cam Talbot and Alex Killorn.


Solid goaltending! This team is pretty deep with Crawford, Lack and Talbot. However Crawford is a year away from UFA but that can be fixed with the FP provision.

The biggest weakness hurting this team is the overall lack of talent and not a ton coming up in the system. Sure there are solid players like Kane, Foligno (one year anomaly?), McDonagh, Wideman, but it is not deep at forward or defense. More on what the Insider thinks should take place in the closing notes below.

In the System:

Top 3 prospects include:

1. Eddie Lack - A hybrid goalie who covers the net well thanks to great size, agility and stature. Combine that with his quickness and you have a capable starting goalie with upside. Could assume the #1 if Derrick deals Crawford this season.

2. Tobias Rieder - Versatile forward with natural scoring instincts and hockey sense. Rieder has a high compete level and is not afraid to get his nose dirty. Not a big guy buy an exciting player to watch. Rieder could play top six minutes in Toronto this season.

3. Josh Jacobs - Mobile two-way defenseman with skating ability. Able to join the rush with ease however can suffer from the occasional mental lapse. Also has good hockey sense and a pretty good shot. Projects to be a middle pairing d-man. Will be playing for Michigan State during the 15/16 season.

Closing notes:

Derrick has six picks in the SICHL draft, but unfortunately is missing his 1st rounder which happens to be the 6th overall. This pick was dealt a few years to the Acadia Golden Bears for a fistful of prospects. The only player to work out in that deal is Tobias Rieder a scoring winger with upside.

To Bears : Y:2015-RND:1-TOR.

To Titans : Blake Geoffrion (out of hockey due to injury) Colton Teubert (playing in Deutsche Eishockey Liga), Sondre Olden (gone back to Europe to play), Tobias Rieder (will play with the Titans this season).

"The Titans' organization has been average for far too long, and now is the time to make changes. Call it a rebuild of sorts" commented GM Derrick Roslaniec. "Patrick Kane has been the face of this franchise for a long time, but that may have to change too."

Had a coffee the other day with another SICHL GM when I was on a West Coast swing. He had this to say about the Titans: "The Titans are in a tricky spot, they have some really good players and some not so great players. They have potential for a lot of turnover with all their free agents and some money in the bank. They are an older team and in the ultra-competitive Canadian Conference. Not having their first round pick in this year’s draft will hurt them so maybe it’s time for the Titans to jump into free agency and go for it, worst case scenario they end up with a lot of trade bait at the deadline – I call this the Havana plan, just don’t get stuck in their cycle of endless rebuild."

Well I disagreed with my good friend and said this team needs to start a rebuild right now. Pull a Denver Rapids and deal assets while they hold value. Deal Tanguay, Wideman, Streit, Crawford now and bring in a crapload of picks and assets! This is a pretty solid draft to start this process. Be bold Derrick! Go where only some GMs have dared to go. This will also free up cash and allow this team to start building a cash reserve.


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