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Krunch Kontinue Kollecting Kash

by Kirk MacRae | January 18, 2015, 7:29 PM ET

After today's game against the Quebec Canons, in which the home team Krunch were blown out 5-1 the Krunch are now sitting on a balance of $100,271,928.

"I'm not afraid to spend money" said GM MacRae when questioned about how there might be a relationship between his team's current slide in the standings and the lack of money spent on getting much needed players in free agency.

"I just don't think overpaying for players is how we are going to turn this team around."

In a recent SICHL Power Rankings article the Krunch were ranked #2 in Financial Efficiency only behind the Stockholm Cougars.

"For the price we are paying, the product we put on the ice is pretty good and it will only get better. We made great progress this year by sticking to our guns and developing from within."

"It's not like I sleep on a giant pile of money at home and do nothing to help this team, I spend millions each off-season acquiring draft picks to create a team that can have sustainable success over the long run."

After an amazing start to the season the Krunch are now sitting outside the playoff picture by 4 points and have gone 2-6-2 in their last 10. 

If they don't turn things around soon, they may have to question their strategy in building a team.


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