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Hamburg Gladiators 2014 Draft Review

by Henry Skey | September 24, 2014, 9:19 PM ET

Mirroring last year's draft, GM Skey had a few conversations, but failed to pull the trigger on any major moves. Keeping with tradition, he traded away his 2014 3rd round pick for backup goalie Josh Harding (71). After many years of focusing on defenseman, Skey opted to focus more on forwards this time round, with a mix of risky and conservative moves. 

Jakub Vrana, RW

1st round, 12th overall

A risky first round pick (aren't they all?), Vrana is easily the most skilled among GM Skey's picks and the most likely to make the big dance as early as next year. He has a nose for the net and isn't afraid to go into the danger areas. His accuracy and shotting ability are well ready for professional levels, but he's been shown to get frustrated and still needs to add some muscle to his frame. 

Eric Cornel, C

2nd round, 40th overall

A much more conservative pick, Cornel has a very strong chance of making it on the Gladiator's roster within a few years. He was selected for Team Canada, as well as Team Orr for the CHL/NHL top prospects game. He should be a major player for a much improved Peterborough Petes team. His playmaking abilities should reach their developmental peak soon. 

Beau Starrett, C

4th round, 96th overall

He may have a baby face, but you'll need stilts to tell him that. Starrett is 6"4 at 19 years of age and was nearly a point per game player last year in junior, including getting selected for the all-star game. If he's going to see some action, he'll need to have a career year in the USPHL. 

Zachary Nagelvoort, G

5th round, 124th overall

Goalies are always at a premium in the SICHL, and you never know where you'll find the next Henrik Lundqvist. Skey vows to try and select a goalie every year, and Zachary Nagelvoort was the right fit. He's got size, he's succeeded at every level so far and was ranked in the top 20 for goalie prospects right before the draft. Will Nagelvoort challenge Fucale for the starting spot one day? Time will tell! (Also the Sim)

Sam Lafferty, C 

6th round, 152nd overall

Lafferty can play either Center or Left Wing, something the Gladiators desperately will need in the future if they're going to continue to contend in the World Conference. He's still a long way from making it in the professional league, but his progress so far is encouraging. 

Anthony Angello, C

7th round, 180th overall

This 6"4, New York native definitely has the potential to make a splash. 7th round is always a crapshoot, but there's reason to believe Angello could make the SICHL one day. If he adds some weight to his frame and develops his skills more (he's more brawn than brains), he could progress on the right path. You can't teach size!


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