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Rapids Mid Season Update

by Sam Myers | February 6, 2014, 1:49 PM ET

The Denver Rapids season started out with an unexpected boom winning their first 3 games of the seasons. As expected they came down to earth and continued their season as we all expected. If the 2014 draft were today the Rapids arsenal of picks would look like this

- 4th Overall Pick (DEN)

- 7th - 9th Overall Pick (FRE)

- 10th - 11th Overall Pick (DUB)

- 15th Overall Pick (LV)

- 26th - 27th Overall Pick (LON)

The Rapids are also heavily equipped with 2015 1st round picks possessing

DEN 2015 1st

BRN 2015 1st

FRE 2015 1st

EDM 2015 1st

This past weak marked the 1st Rapids trade of the 2013-2014 season sending James Van Reimsdyk to NYE in exchange for 2013 1st Rd Selection Anthony Mantha, 2014 NYE 1st and 2014 LV 1st. JVR had been leading the SICHL in points at the time of the trade and still has yet to hit his prime. 

2014 Mid Season Press Conference 


Rapids GM Sam Myers Takes The Podium

SM "Hello Everyone, As the boys have been working hard on the ice this season we have been working just as hard in the front office, Without further adeu im pleased to announce our new coaching staff. 

Head Coach - Mike Peca

Assistant Coach - Nick Lidstrom

Assistant Coach - Paul Kariya

Goaltending Coach - Kevin Weekes

Strength and Conditioning - George Laraque

Developmental Coach - Markus Naslund 

Video Assistant Coach - Rob Blake

SM - Ill now open the floor for questions

Reporter - Mike Hawk from the Denver Post, Rebuild seems to be going well, with the trade of JVR do you plan on testing with Voynov and or MDZ?

SM- Obviusly Slava and MDZ are highly talented players but if given the right offer a deal can be made, Thanks Mike

Reporter - Dan Mendes from Sports Illustrated, From the leagues prespective there have been many accusations of tanking, any comment

SM - Mr Mendes, I have respect for the SICHL and my fellow GMs, if I were to stoop down to that level id be last in the league. I have had a plan since day one, things are going better than expected, and we plan to be a competitive team by the 2016-2017 season.

Reporter - Frank Martin of ESPN Denver, Pretty interesting staff you put together, can you elaborate more on the hiring of Mr Laraque as the strenght and conditioning coach

SM- George and I have been very close ever since we have been members at the same Golds Gym. We Box and train together frequently, hes in steller shape and knows how to get the best out of me when we train. I trust he will really work these boys hard and get them in the best physical shape they have ever been in their hockey career

Thank you everyone! I look forward to speaking to all of you this offseason.


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