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Hamburg Gladiators 2013 Draft Review

by Henry Skey | October 28, 2013, 5:56 PM ET

It was a busy day for GM Henry Skey on draft weekend, but you wouldn't know it when looking at reality. Despite numerous attempts to land a big name, Gladiators fans will have to wait for free agency to see if any huge splashes will be made. Skey did add a backup goalie in Michael Leighton (66), sacrificing his 3rd round pick.

Defense was the name of the game this year, as it was last year. And the year before that, and the year before that. GM Skey does know that other positions exist other than defense, right? With 13 of his last 20 draft picks being used on defenseman, it's obvious what Skey's mantra is; hope for the best and cry when it doesn't.

Zachary Fucale, G

1st round, 27th overall

With goalies being a premium asset, Skey opted to select Fucale with his first pick. This goalie still has a lot to prove, but has a level head on his shoulders. He won't be starting for the Gladiators anytime soon, but some years down the road, the position will absolutely be available for contention. The Halifax Mooseheads won't be the dominant force they were last year, so Fucale has a prime opportunity to impress.

Linus Arnesson, D

2nd round, 55th overall

For his next three picks, Skey went for d-men and it's easy to see why; the Gladiators made their first Continental Cup final on the back of outstanding goaltending and stingy defense. They hope to see Arnesson in a Gladiators uniform within the next few years and complement an already full stable of young defensive talent. Arnesson is known for his sensible and calculated play in his own end, unlike his GM, which is known for his irrational rants and seemingly insane trade propositions.

Ryan Segalla, D

4th round, 111th overall

Defenseman pick number two, Segalla brings a mean streak with a side of tenacity. It's unlikely he'll be a dominant SICHL defensemen at his height and weight, but good skating ability and no-quit attitude might land him a spot one day. Keep reaching for the stars, Segalla!

Wiley Sherman, D

5th round, 139th overall

With his last pick of the draft, Skey chose another defenseman in Sherman. Unlike Segalla, Sherman is an absolute monster at 6"6 and weighs 200 pounds. He'll have to fill out his frame and play a few more years of junior before even having a chance, but at least he'll never know the sting of being bullied in front of the net.









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