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2017-2018 Regular Season Team Stats

Brandon Wheat Kings50-24-827-10-223-14-66-4-03.753.1620.289.07.936.530.7
Kansas City Krunch43-31-824-11-319-20-53-6-13.323.1521.780.97.032.628.5

2017-2018 Regular Season Head-to-Head

DayAway TeamHome TeamResult
101 Brandon Wheat Kings Kansas City Krunch Kansas City Krunch 3, Brandon Wheat Kings 1
119 Kansas City Krunch Brandon Wheat Kings Brandon Wheat Kings 4, Kansas City Krunch 3 (OT)


Brandon Wheat Kings


Kansas City Krunch

Tom Gilbert89%Torn Left Knee Ligaments Injury

Player Statistics

Playoffs | Regular Season

Brandon Wheat Kings

Marian Hossa2251318023010667.610
Patrick Eaves2297166420107112.723
Mike Fisher22691522-10021649.462
Tyler Johnson1249132400113411.812
Brandon Sutter2266122110105411.113
Marcus Johansson2265114-11011708.63
Casey Cizikas194489110103611.129
Jordan Martinook22347420000387.97
Deryk Engelland221671851000185.615
Justin Schultz2207786000080.017
Marc-Edouard Vlasic1907721-20000150.019
Alexei Emelin2233634400013010.055
Troy Brouwer183257000001717.613
Trevor Daley192352100001811.116
Sam Gagner21235010010375.43
Bobby Ryan211232-10010244.212
Ian Cole181232000000137.738
Paul Martin1512310-50010812.513
Shawn Matthias141236-20010147.118
Matthew Calvert220111710000250.019
Mike Smith600000000000.00
Jimmy Howard1800000000000.00

Kansas City Krunch

Cam Fowler249122110060134719.112
Nick Leddy24314171712001437.044
Kevin Hayes2498174610104420.517
Radim Vrbata2051015822021529.614
Brayden Schenn24691521122001718.554
* Auston Matthews24211132-71010504.010
Vladimir Tarasenko2465110-43030698.75
Ryan Getzlaf24291132-40011434.745
Zack Smith2428101450010385.336
Alex Goligoski2035814010002213.629
Aaron Ekblad162684-210001513.325
Vladislav Namestnikov245270300213116.112
* Xavier Ouellet16145641000714.320
Ryan Murray242356300011612.519
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins123250200202213.62
Oliver Bjorkstrand20325050010339.15
Pierre-Edouard Bellemare243140-300112015.08
Tom Gilbert1403361000060.03
Lauri Korpikoski240220-30000170.03
Corey Crawford2401120000000.00
Niklas Kronwall60114-1000010.06
Matt Hendricks170004-5000090.015
Steve Ott300070000020.05

Goaltender Statistics

Brandon Wheat Kings

Jimmy Howard1811122.3210710434880.912
Mike Smith63102.712110141500.907

Kansas City Krunch

Corey Crawford2414672.2516711556580.916


  • Bryce Crittenden
    Bryce Crittenden - Wheat Kings in 5
  • No image available!
    Chris Baker - Wheat Kings in 6
  • Don Morrison
    Don Morrison - Wheat Kings in 7
    Okay I think Leon Draisaitl and probably the best player in the league Connor McDavid will end up leading their team to a championship. Oh sorry GHA. I love what Kurt has done , finally spending all that cash . And then picked up Crawford which is a great move. But Doug is an oldtimer like me . He is Canadian champ . If Howard holds together with goralla tape , then Doug in seven . In the Spirit of Al Hammond, let the playoffs championship begin.
  • Doug Karnes
    Doug Karnes - Wheat Kings in 7
  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider - Wheat Kings in 7
    Wily, wily Doug. What's left to say? He came back from 3-2 against me, then 3-1 against Matt, so odds are Kirk'll go up 3-0 before disintegrating into a small mound of ash and self-loathing.
  • Gary Graves
    Gary Graves - Krunch in 6
    Can only cheer for one team here! Rep the World Conference well Krunch!
  • Guy Flaming
    Guy Flaming - Wheat Kings in 6
    I see no possibility that a World Conference team can defeat a Canadian Conference team four time in a series. Besides, Doug gets the karma for making it to the Summit last summer. Wheat Kings will reign supreme.
  • Henry Skey
    Henry Skey - Krunch in 7
    Easy, it's going to be the Wheat Kings. Which is what you're SUPPOSED to think, but these playoffs have proven anything is possible, so I'm going the Krunch. BUT that's what the sim WANTS me to think, so I'm NOT going the Krunch. BUT Kirk's in the World Conference, so I have to show solidarity and cheer for him to beat the Wheat Kings. BUT Doug hasn't won before, and he's really awesome and it would cap off a great season. BUT....
  • Ian Constable
    Ian Constable - Wheat Kings in 6
    With sincere apologies to Doug for my picks curse. I wholeheartedly think he will win. It is his density...
  • Jeff Prozeller
    Jeff Prozeller - Krunch in 6
    KC has been solid all the way through the playoffs, I think Kirk has spent year putting together an awesome team and this is his year. Not to mention the obvious...World is Best!!!
  • Kasim Husain
    Kasim Husain - Wheat Kings in 6
    The SIM has given us a final showdown befitting its mystery, a matchup between two original GMs' squads. The Krunch will put up some resistance as they continue their surprise attempt to rediscover their cup-winning ways of old, but the Wheaties have this final on lock, their depth has won out each round and made me a believer.
  • Mark MacRae
    Mark MacRae - Krunch in 7
    Can't bet against the legendary Krunch. Though, much like another recent championship series I watched on TV, I would also be happy to see Doug win the cup.
  • Matt Burch
    Matt Burch - Wheat Kings in 6
    Here we go. The team that was probably the top team for most of the season versus the team we've been waiting for returning to "top team" status for years now. Will this usher in a new dynasty for Kirk? Or will Doug pull it off? I'm going with Doug, since he's been the sim genie this year.
  • Matt MacInnis
    Matt MacInnis - Krunch in 6
    As I've been saying all along, Kirk's team has been better than the regular season point totals. He had the best roster in the World. That and I'm super bitter at Doug.
  • Michael Oram
    Michael Oram - Krunch in 7
  • Mike Franceschini
    Mike Franceschini - Wheat Kings in 6
    Original Six Final!!! Man, I went 0-2 in the last round, so I clearly have no idea what's up. In these situations, I tend to go with my heart and root for the team that hasn't won yet, so Doug, best of luck to you!
  • Norm Donovan
    Norm Donovan - Wheat Kings in 6
    As much as I want to support the World Conference and re-affirm our dominance, I just can't bet against Doug. Come on, man - Doug's been here forever. Let the guy have a Cup!
  • No image available!
    Pat Booth - Wheat Kings in 6
    Tremble before the might of Canada!
  • Ryan Torrie
    Ryan Torrie - Wheat Kings in 7
    I feel heartbroken not cheering for the world conference champion but Doug deserves this championship.
  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher - Krunch in 7
    This shouldn't go this many games but it will because the sim, like all of us, loves Doug and his Wheat Kings jersey and bringing his wife to the #SICHLSUMM17. But facts are facts and I have been right about the Krunch all playoffs and I'm right this time too. I tried all year to steal his best players and he never let me. He deserves this. Krunch are Champs. Dammit.
  • Sheetal Khera
    Sheetal Khera - Krunch in 6
    18 years ago I voted against the Krunch since my old team was in the final but this year I am an Krunch fan!
  • No image available!
    Tom Baker - Wheat Kings in 6
    Wheat King are the champs. Sorry kirk!!
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